5 Ways to Shop Smart During the Pandemic

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Whether we’ve been furloughed, laid off, or our jobs have been “put on pause,” we are all pinching our pennies. But the reality is we still need to buy things! Here’s how to save money on everything from essentials to electronics.


Locating hard-to-find items

We’ve all been challenged with finding certain items, like toilet paper, disinfectant wipes, and paper towels. Slickdeals.net has 11mm deal-seekers sourcing deals and helping shoppers find those scarce items. You can post a deal alert for what you’re seeking and you will be notified when that item is available – and better yet, on sale! They also have a browser extension that can help you save as you shop online.


Sell to buy

We’re relying on our tech more than ever these days, so if your phone or tablet is in need of an upgrade, I would suggest checking out Decluttr.com. Decluttr will purchase your old device, which is a breeze to do, and then you can buy refurbished tech at amazingly low prices. While you’re at it, sell any other unused tech you have – Americans are sitting on $43 billion’s worth!  The site is really easy to navigate for both selling and buying.


Earn cashback

Before you purchase anything online, check to see if there is a cashback offer available. Couponcabin.com works with over 3,500 merchants and you can earn anywhere from 2-20% cashback. During the pandemic, they’ve been waiving their commissions from retailers and passing those savings on to users. They also understand that we need our money fast, so they are speeding up their payout process.


Support small businesses

Small businesses need our help more than ever, and a great way to lend our support and save some money in the process is to purchase gift cards for when things open up again. GiftCardGranny.com, which is a site where you can find thousands of gift cards, has just launched a new program called LoveLocal, giving you access to gift cards from your favorite local merchants. Your purchase will give those businesses a much-needed influx of cash.


Plan ahead

Last but not least, try to plan your purchases. Ordering multiple items at a time means that you can order enough items to meet free shipping thresholds, like $35 at Target or Walmart. Also, you can avoid paying rush shipping fees for those upcoming gift-giving holidays, like Father’s Day (which is June 21, by the way)!


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