How to Sell Your Used Stuff Online

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You’ve been counting the days until spring and it’s finally here! Time to peel off the layers and get outside to enjoy the warmer weather. You’ll need to swap those bulky winter coats for your favorite spring and summer things…the ideal time to sort through everyone’s clothing to see what pieces are no longer serving a purpose. 

While you’re at it, how about some spring cleaning? It can be a big job, so I suggest doing it in 20-minute increments (or whatever amount of time an activity can hold your attention). That way, it doesn’t feel like such a huge mountain to climb.

You’ll probably find that you have plenty of things you don’t need but that are still in usable condition. These items might be perfect for selling!  Here’s how to sell your used stuff online.


Selling your collectibles 

elegant porcelain light blue cups and saucers at white background

Sell on: EBay and Amazon Marketplace

You can sell anything from fine china to American Girl dolls on eBay and Amazon Marketplace. On either platform, you create a listing where you post photos, describe the item and set a price. When a buyer agrees to your price, you ship them the item.


Selling your stuff locally 

Various hand tools arranged on wood

Sell on: Craigslist, LetGo and Facebook Marketplace

Using these sites, people commonly sell secondhand items to people in their community. Common items are furniture, musical instruments, and machinery. You photograph and list your items, set or suggest your price and meet your customers to exchange merchandise for funds. Craigslist has been around the longest so it’s far bigger than the others, but check them all out – they all have features that make them unique. Be sure to meet your buyer somewhere that is secure – you are meeting a stranger after all!

Selling your used clothing

Men clothing - shoes, jeans and shirt on white wooden background

Sell on: ThredUp and Poshmark

Thredup does all the work for you – they send you a postage-paid bag to fill, photograph everything and even pay you in advance of selling anything. You earn less on ThredUp, so if you want to earn more and are willing to do a little legwork, try Poshmark. Both platforms also sell kids’ clothes, but if you’re only selling kids’ clothes, designer duds, try MyKidsThreads, which specializes in this category.


Selling your old electronics

Old retro camera. Flat lay, Top view

Sell on: Decluttr

For those smartphones, tablets and video games you’ve moved on from, use Decluttr. With or the Decluttr app, you enter the make and model or scan the bar code of each item to find out what it’s worth. When you’re ready to sell, you ship the items with the pre-paid shipping label and once the items arrive as described, you get paid.


Selling your old diamonds and jewelry

Antique ring with sapphire and diamonds.

Sell on: Worthy

Whether you have a diamond ring to sell from a former marriage or an estate piece that’s not your taste, this luxury online auction facilitates your sale every step of the way; from getting an unbiased grading report, to professional photography of your gem.  The Worthy auction brings together a curated community of professional buyers to bid on your item so you get the very best price.


Selling almost anything online

Shot of various tools and equipment for a hiker laid out on a table

Sell on: Mercari

From beauty products to toys, you can sell just about anything you don’t want on Mercari. Once an item sells, you’ll receive a pre-paid shipping label to ship the item to your buyer. Once your buyer receives and rates the item, you get paid!


Selling random items online

Roll of white toilet paper on a yellow background with empty space.

Sell on: Etsy and EBay

If you saw my Rachael Ray segment on how to sell things like empty toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, old dentures, and used baby bottles, you know that there is a market for almost anything! You can even sell broken things, like china and crayons. Your buyers will mostly be crafters and artists, who use these items for projects. If you happen to have a stash of something – or want to start one – have a look at these sites for a sense of what these items are selling for and set your pricing accordingly.

Selling all your unwanted items can take some time and effort, but along with putting some dough in your pocket, doing a deep clean can be cathartic! Because each platform is a little different, carefully read the terms of use of each so you can familiarize yourself with the commission structure, how and when you’ll get paid and any associated fees you should expect.

Happy selling!


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