Trae Bodge is an accomplished lifestyle journalist and on-air expert, specializing in smart shopping, top products, personal finance, and retail.

Trae is a noted authority in the smart-shopping space, helping consumers make informed shopping decisions. In this capacity, she has appeared over a thousand times on a wide variety of TV shows, podcasts, and radio programs, including NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, Today Show, iHeart Radio, and Sirius FM. She has strong producer & anchor relationships and personally secures most of her segments.

Journalists frequently use her as a smart-shopping resource, as as such, she has been featured in publications such as, Real Simple, Woman’s Day, Next Advisor for Time, Kiplinger, Marketwatch, and

Trae’s work with brands and PR agencies includes securing media coverage, strategy,  and content creation.

She also provides media coaching via OneTakeMedia, which she co-founded.

Satellite, Virtual & Radio Media Tours, and One-off Interviews

For over a decade, Trae has served as the on-air expert for over 70 Media tours, addressing topics ranging from top Mother’s Day gifts to travel tips to small business hacks to money-saving shopping strategies, tackling up to 36 interviews in one sitting.

Brand Partnerships

Trae partners with a variety of brands on projects ranging from spokesperson and brand ambassador work to providing strategic guidance behind the scenes. Her recent brand partnerships include PayPal Honey, META Bread Financial, Mint Mobile, Hopper, AARP, GoDaddy,, Rakuten, CouponCabin, HP, and



Benny Martinez

“Having coordinated dozens of SMTs and RMTs with Trae, I can’t tell you how excited producers were when they heard me mention her name. Trae is phenomenal at her delivery, and dare I say, it’s near-perfect every single time. She’s concise, enthusiastic, and, most importantly, knowledgeable about every topic she dives in to. Trae truly is a media guru and her name resonates with producers across the country. Trae goes above and beyond to prep for her interviews and that diligence made me look good on so many occasions I lost count.”


Josh Zach

“Trae is an expert guest who – early on – earned the honorary title, “friend of the show,” a badge given by those in media to frequent guest experts who not only do a great job at nailing the subject but can banter without missing a beat. Trae comes prepared to answer the topical questions and is not easily stumped … she’s always got answers, even when the questions stray off-topic. Trae has a conversational delivery that can make a list of statistics sound like Sunday conversation at the social club. She has the ability to drive home the details at a pace and tone that’s relatable to anyone. Your program is never boring when Trae Bodge is a guest.”

Caroline Rana

“After working in broadcast PR with many on-air talents, I can honestly say that Trae is the ideal spokesperson. Her deep understanding of her clients’ goals, coupled with her experience and comfort speaking to all types of consumers, allows her to deliver sharp messages that please both sides. Whether it’s an in-studio national segment or 24 back-to-back satellite interviews, Trae conducts herself with grace and professionalism. She’s a true joy to work with.”

Jeff Glicklin

“I have worked with Trae Bodge on many occasions and have been more than impressed with her professionalism and ability to deliver the message. She is great in any situation and I would recommend her for any broadcast. In my over 20 years of working in the Satellite Media Industry, I must say it is hard to think of anyone better.”

Josh Elledge

“Trae Bodge is a true inspiration and has been a joy to work with for over a year. She is always on her toes no matter what I may ask in our interviews, on point with messaging, and has proven herself to be among the top experts on consumer shopping. Her delivery is nothing short of perfect and her likability is off the charts. Trae’s knowledge of all things smart shopping is inspiring – and I’ve been honored to share her expertise with my audience!”

Ashley Bernardi

“Having produced and booked a countless number of SMTs with Trae, I can honestly say that she made my job easy. She is an on-air talent dream for any media outlet: She’s clear, concise, smart, consumer savvy, personable, fun, energetic, and relatable across any variety of audience. TV and radio outlets love her and always wanted more Trae! Aside from her superb on-air talent and consumer/shopping expertise, Trae is a media relations pro and was always actively and enthusiastically involved with the SMT production and strategy from start to finish.”

Mike Fomil

“When I produced consumer content at NBC News I could always count on Trae for home run quotes. She speaks in sound bites, which is crucial in television. But she’s also smart, and engages in pre-production dialogue so I always knew going into an interview that we were on the same page.”

Jason Middleton

“The best on-air interview is informative, concise, clear … and it needs to be distilled into a form that each member of the audience can understand — and that’s what Trae delivers every time. She’s not just relatable, she’s almost hyper-informed — and she wraps it all in her professional approach. Hey, Trae: keep coming back, ok?”

Additional references available upon request.

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Inside Edition B2S


In addition to being in front of the camera, Trae also preps executives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders for media opportunities. Below is a general outline of how she works, but she is open to bespoke programs for individuals and teams.

BEGINNER SESSION: 4-5 hours and one ½ hour Skype follow-up (shorter sessions for experienced students is also available). 


  • Ease: Achieving comfort in front of the camera, onscreen or on the phone
  • Chemistry: Creating an instant relationship with your interviewer
  • Emoting: delivering your message with confidence and appearing authentic
  • Bridging: bringing the interviewer back to where you want them
  • Improv & Role Playing: preparing for your interviews like a pro
  • Talking Points: Extracting pertinent information from written materials or creative concepts
  • Camera 101: Getting comfortable with the black box
  • Relaxing: techniques for managing nervousness
  • Grace: being the perfect guest

AMA (ask me anything) are also available for individual and groups.


Tonya Clinton

“Trae consulted with Dressbarn as an educator for two-plus years starting in 2011. She was instrumental in helping Dressbarn establish a program to educate field associates on everything from beauty and personal grooming to best practices with the media. Trae is a strong editorial thinker and able to help our associates translate the brand message in interviews. She is amazingly articulate and has a very approachable and welcoming manner that makes her a perfect role model and leader for this kind of work.”

Brian Hoyt

“Trae Bodge is the consummate broadcast spokesperson and her years in the seat and in front of the camera have taught her the mastery of how to communicate on-air.  Trae knows that the preparation for an interview matters as much as the interview itself and has helped train other executives on how to maximize the total appearance…from what to wear, what make-up to use (and how to apply it) and how to deliver an impactful message in 3-minutes or less no matter if it is on the local TV news, national programming or a radio station broadcasting across America.”

Michelle Skupin

“As a seasoned media expert, Trae Bodge understands what it takes to train others to perform well for media interviews. At RetailMeNot, she worked with several senior executives to teach them a variety of techniques, including verbal editing, bridging, and composure among others. Many media trainers who don’t have in-depth media experience themselves aren’t able to provide the same level of expertise. Trae’s own media experience combined with executive training truly sets her apart.”


Kristen Larrea

“When it comes to broadcast media, Trae Bodge has the unique experience of being both an experienced practitioner and skilled trainer. Using the first-hand knowledge she’s acquired through years of being on national TV and acting as a brand spokesperson, she trained our bench of experts to masterfully represent our brand and prepare them for whatever curveball may come their way on-air.

Trae is the ultimate professional and such a pleasure to work with. Her demeanor puts people at ease, which is incredibly important in the high-stress environment of broadcast media.”


Clendon Ross

“I’ve spent a good deal of time on-air, as a radio talk show host and radio and TV sports analyst, so I’m experienced in front of a mic and a camera, but Trae’s coaching prepared me to successfully meet the demands of two Satellite Media Tours for RetailMeNot. In the weeks leading up to the SMTs, Trae helped me get comfortable with content and delivery through multiple practice sessions and her day-of guidance, including insights from her extensive on-air experience, strengthened my performance throughout. I would highly recommend Trae as a media trainer.”

Jag Bath

“When it comes to media training, particularly TV, Trae is the best there is! Over the years, as a company executive, I had received media training from a number of different “agencies” to help with everything from public speaking, to radio, to TV. The approach that these agencies took always felt cookie cutter to me and never really helped. I was pretty much left to figure it out myself; until I met Trae.

Trae’s hands-on approach to first understand your strengths and then identify your weaknesses and concerns through 1) getting to really know you, and 2) spending the right amount of time preparing and practicing, changed everything. To top it off, she is always armed with just the right amount of tips and tricks, so that you are never overwhelmed and remember the things that truly make a difference.”

John Faith

“As an executive, I frequently engage in external speaking opportunities.  The majority of these opportunities are analyst, print, or industry-based events.  Articulating the company message was something I am familiar with, but the broadcast medium and message changes a lot when you are dealing with a 2-minute spot vs. a 30-minute panel.

Trae helped prepare me for Satellite Media Tours that I was doing on behalf of my company. Trae’s knowledge and experience in the industry helped me get up to speed quickly, stay on point throughout our broadcasts, communicate with clarity and articulate the correct message depending on audience and interviewer style.

I highly recommend Trae and look forward to working with her again in the future!”