How to Save Money at Walmart

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When it comes to saving money, few stores can hold a candle to Walmart. Their “Everyday Low Prices” are just the tip of the iceberg! After reading about these Walmart shopping hacks, you’ll never look at this big-box store the same way again!

Take advantage of the price-match policy

You may have heard about the Price Match Guarantee, but have you actually tried it? If not, here’s how it works: To qualify, a product has to be the exact same (quantity, size, etc.) and must be in-stock at select competing e-tailers, including, Amazon,com, and 

There’s a caveat: does not price match store pricing. However, if the price in-store is higher than the price on, you can speak to a store associate about matching the price you saw on

Order online and pick up in-store

Walmart has been known to price items differently online than in-store, so if you’re in-store, check the online price. If it’s lower, place an order online and visit the pick-up desk to retrieve your order! Bonus: lots of online items offer extra savings when you opt for in-store pickup. It’s called a “pickup discount” and it varies from 5% to 10% off.

Curbside grocery pickup is a relatively new offering and it’s one to take advantage of – for free! If you haven’t tried this service yet, get $10 off your first grocery order of $50 or more, plus get $10 for every friend you refer!

Shop the endcaps

Endcaps are the small displays at the end of an aisle, and many big-box retailers, including Target, use this real estate for sale items. In addition to checking the endcaps for bargains, be on the lookout for less conspicuous displays (for instance, clearance electronics are kept in a glass case, not an endcap). One thing you can count on is this: items with Clearance stickers will continue to be marked down until they sell. Typically, these markdowns will occur in the first five days of the month, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your next shopping trip.

Though store clearance varies a lot (and often at managers’ discretion), these are pretty common clearance categories to look out for:

  • February – March: Heavy coats, winter clothes and boots.
  • Late August – September: Swimsuits, summer apparel & footwear, summer decor, pool toys, dorm supplies and school supplies.
  • Late October – early November: Fall decor, fall clothing and shoes, coats and jackets.
  • Late November – December: Tech and toys

Generic prescriptions are a steal

Next time your doctor gives you a new prescription, ask if it’s available in generic. If so, look for it in Walmart’s list of $4 generic prescriptions. No insurance is needed, and you can even fill qualifying 90-day prescriptions for only $10. You can’t beat that! While you’re at it, get up-to-date on other health services like immunizations, flu shots, vision checks, and super-affordable care at the Walmart clinic.

Go off-brand

Speaking of generics, keep an eye out for Equate and Great Value products. In addition to being significantly cheaper than most name brands, in many cases, they’re often manufactured at the same facility and use the same ingredients as their name-brand counterparts.

Use a cash-back app like Ibotta

There are tons of apps for saving money while you shop, but Ibotta is a great one for Walmart purchases. Once you’re done with your Walmart excursion, simply search the app for any items or categories you’ve purchased, select them, and scan your receipt. The app offers cash back on most categories, such as household goods, groceries, personal care products and the like. Once you’ve earned $20, cash out your earnings in the form of gift cards or a PayPal deposit. Not too shabby!

Party on for less

Watch out, Dollar Tree! Walmart’s prices on party supplies, gift wrapping, and cards are often a better deal. Items in this category are plentiful and diverse and often come in larger quantities than other discount stores. At $0.97, you can party down for less! Combine that with their $0.47 greeting cards and you’ve got a reason to celebrate!

Score free shipping

Take advantage of Walmart’s free shipping offers. You can get free 2-day shipping when you spend $35 or more online (excludes Hawaii and Alaska) or you can try that handy in-store pickup that we talked about. Items can be shipped to your nearest store for free, and you can even pick up certain in-stock items at your local store.

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