How to Save Money on Home Appliances

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Appliances are some of the most costly items you’ll purchase for your home. Whether you’re outfitting a new home or replacing something that’s past its prime, it pays off to shop smart when shopping for appliances. Here are a few ways you can get quality machines without breaking the bank.

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Shop online savings

In general, it’s easier to comparison shop online rather than when you’re in the store. Hit the web first to look for the best deals.



Shop at the Right Time

Right before new models come out, retailers will often drop prices on the previous season’s stock to make room. 

  • Many manufacturers roll out new models in September and October, so Labor Day weekend can be a good time to save. Plan to check out Home Depot, Lowes, Best Buy, and Overstock for super savings. These retailers typically have the widest selection of deals. Last year, you could save up to 40% on major appliances at Home Depot and Lowe’s.
  • March and April are also a good times to look, and some new refrigerator models will roll out in June and July. 
  • Shop holiday sales.  Good deals can be found from Black Friday through Christmas. You can also find incredible deals during other holidays like President’s Day, the 4th of July, and the aforementioned Labor Day. May is another favorite, as there will be Memorial Day sales, as well as Maytag Month, which is a month-long savings event. 


Save with Open-Box products 

Open-box products are returned items, floor models, or products that were opened by the store for quality inspection after shipping. Many of these products are in new condition. Those with slight wear and tear are further discounted. 

  • These products are covered by Best Buy’s Return & Exchange Promise.
  • Pro Tip: At the time of this writing, Best Buy is hosting a Major Appliance Summer Event.

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Don’t Pay for Shipping

Lowe’s & Home Depot both offer free local delivery on most appliances, and you can often arrange a pickup of your old appliance at the same time. Both stores also offer free in-store and curbside pick up for online purchases. 

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Make friends with sales staff

If you are shopping in-store, get friendly with the appliance experts. They often can share how to get better, unadvertised deals and discounts on installs. Plus, it’s just nice to be friendly!

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Take a little bad for a lot of good

Buy returned or lightly damaged (but still completely functional) items from Lowe’s. These “scratch and dent” items are generally marked down already but don’t be afraid to ask for an extra 10% off if the damages are noticeable. 

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Rebate center

Both The Home Depot and Lowe’s have rebate centers. On their website, search for the product you want to purchase to find out if there are any rebates available. Submit the rebate within 30 days to get rebates in the form of prepaid Visa cards.

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Set a Deal Alert

Once you’ve done your research and know what you want, set a deal alert for it on Slickdeals will notify you once that item goes on sale so you don’t have to waste your precious time looking for deals.

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Price Matching

Shop around for the best deals, and if your favorite store doesn’t have a sale on what you’re looking for, see if they’ll match the price of a competitor’s sale. Home Depot, Walmart, Best Buy, and Lowes offer price matching on items carried online or in-store by most major competitors.

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Use the ENERGY STAR rebate finder

ENERGY STAR is a government-backed program that can help you find energy-efficient appliances at a great price. Just enter your zip code in the online Rebate Finder to find rebates, tax credits, and special offers on appliances like a $300 tax credit on qualifying water heaters.

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Put money-saving sites to work

If you’re willing to put in just a little extra legwork, using cashback sites is a great way to earn money back on high-dollar purchases like appliances.

  • Here are some of the offers currently available at
    • Home Depot – Save up to 30% off, plus earn 2% cashback and 4% bonus cash
    • Lowe’s – Save up to 30% off, plus earn 1% cashback and 4% bonus cash
    • Bed, Bath & Beyond – Save 20% on any item with mobile alerts setup, plus 2% cashback and 4% bonus cash
  • Here are some of the cashback offers available on Rakuten at the time of this writing:
    • Ace Hardware – 6% cashback for online purchases
    • – 6% cashback for online purchases
    • Walmart – 5% in-store cashback

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Don’t worry about the warranty

Extended warranties come with an additional price tag. If you’re buying an item new, chances are good it’s not going to need a repair anytime soon. 

  • Pro Tip: Pay for your appliances with a credit card that offers warranty coverage. Many credit cards even double the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

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Bundle Up

If you need more than one appliance, shop bundle deals. Buying multiple appliances together can help you stack savings. 

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Buy through classifieds

You have to be careful and vet your purchases, but Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist can be great sources for used, low-cost appliances from people who are moving or upgrading. Some retailers even use classifieds to get rid of excess stock.



Building a home? Buy through your builder!

Most contractors can purchase appliances at steep discounts because they have relationships with retailers like Home Depot, Sears, or Lowe’s. 

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