The 5 Things I’m Loving Right Now: Apparel, Footwear & Accessories

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I love to dress up on special occasions (usually in vintage), but for everyday dressing, I am always on the hunt for the best basic items. The pieces on this list are what I turn to again and again. 

Public Rec All-Day Jogger

If there are a perfect pair of joggers, it’s these joggers from athleisure brand, Public Rec. These high-waisted, insanely flattering pants are made with Public Rec’s most popular fabric, which is a nylon/spandex blend. The fabric is stretchy with lots of give, but it’s supportive with no end-of-day drooping. They hold up well enough for a second day, have deep pockets, and they don’t wrinkle, so they are great for travel. There are lots of sizing options, but my one complaint is that there is not a longer inseam option than 30”. I usually wear a 32” or 34” inseam, (which I know is very long) and the 30” are a bit longer than I expected but I’d love a slightly longer option.



I’ve worn a lot of sneakers over the years, but I can easily say that the Atoms are among the most comfortable I’ve tried – if not THE most. The design is simple and utilitarian with lightweight, breathable materials and elastic laces so you can slip them on and off very easily. They come in a handful of basic colors, blue, black, white, grey.  I didn’t have grey sneakers so I opted for those, and I’m glad I did…although I see that they have a lavender holiday shade and it’s all I can do not to purchase them. They are very functional – good for padding around the house/office or taking long walks.  


Swaggr Socks

I’ve tried lots of different sock brands, but I find that I always dig around in my sock drawer for those. They are made from 91.7% plastic bottles, as well as nylon and spandex, yet they are as breathable as cotton. They are supportive, stay in place, and have extra padding on the bottom for comfort. I like the low-cut athletic socks, but they also have a crew option. 


LIT Activewear Maxi Laser Long Parka

Last winter I found myself coveting my friend’s big, cozy coats as we gathered around the fire pit (because of COVID). I have a long down jacket from Uniqlo, but it’s very thin and not bulky, so I’ve ended up using it a lot for my long morning walks. I decided to treat myself to a big cozy coat of my own, so I started digging around online and fell in love with this one. It’s super long, super warm, and I love the sporty tailoring. There are several colors available – I got the black holographic – and it has unexpected features like an extremely deep hood that fits over my big hair, reflective piping and it’s waterproof. I knew I was taking a risk having never ordered from LIT, and every though the coat took about a month to arrive from abroad (during the holiday shopping season, to be fair), I am so pleased with my purchase!


Air & Anchor You Do You Adjustable Rope Bracelets

These unisex bracelets look great alone or stacked with other wrist wraps. I love that they are adjustable – my wrists are freakishly tiny, so bracelets are always too big. They are also incredibly comfortable and sturdy. I think I’ve worn mine for about 3 months now without taking it off. There is no visible wear and tear and I barely know it’s there!


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