How to Save Money at Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s

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The allure of a department store like Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s is that you can find so many tasteful things in one place. Need a toaster? Go to the Home department on the 2nd Floor, then take the escalator to Women’s Clothing to find resort wear for your upcoming trip to Bermuda. (We can dream, right?)

Do you prefer online shopping these days? Browse to your heart’s content on their vast websites. While both retailers carry items that are on the pricey side, you don’t always have to pay full price. There are lots of ways to save at Macy’s and Bloomingdale‘s if you know where to look.

Tips for Both Retailers

Stack up on savings

When you use a store coupon plus a cashback app like, you reap the reward of both deals. Plus, if you pay with a credit card that offers points for shipping, you earn even more.

Note: If you’re in-store and don’t have your coupons with you, the salesperson at the counter often has a bunch that they can scan for you. It never hurts to ask (and, of course, be polite)!

In-store price vs. online prices 

Both stores will honor the dot com price if it’s lower than the store price. You just have to ask. 

Outlet shopping

You can find lots of bargains at Bloomingdale’s Outlet and Macy’s Backstage, their version of an outlet. 

There are savings all year long but shop at the end of the season for the deepest discounts. Also, shop mid-week to avoid crowds. 

Always check the merchandise quality. Some items are made specifically for the outlet and they are of lesser quality than items made specifically for the stores. If the item has a flaw, you can ask for a deeper discount at the register.

All store locations are not the same

Did you know that not all department stores are equal? Obviously, a store a Florida will have different clothing than one in Alaska, but it goes beyond that. Flagship stores, which are usually in major cities, are stocked with all the latest and greatest merchandise. If you shop outside of a city, the selection will be thinner and there will be fewer salespeople. The good news? You can use all of these savings tactics no matter where you shop.   

How to Save Money at Bloomingdale’s

Sales & clearance

There are promotions at Bloomingdale’s almost every day. Visit the Sale section on or, if you’re in-store, keep your eyes peeled for sale racks, which will be clearly designated. Note that while sales are frequent, the end-of-season is when you will find markdowns of up to 70 percent off.   

Special promotions has a Coupons, Sales & Promotions section of their site, where you can learn about offers like a 15 percent off coupon for app users or a Winter Break sale, where you can save an extra 50 percent on clearance items. 

Loyallist program

Loyallist is a free program that any customer can join. Loyallist members earn points on all purchases, including at the Outlet. You earn one point per dollar when you pay with cash or credit card, but that increases when you pay with Bloomingdale’s store card or Bloomingdale’s American Express card. Once you reach 5,000 points, you’ll get a $25 reward card. Members also have access to benefits like Perk of the Month, Double Points Days, and Power Points, which are extra points earned with specific purchases.  

Bloomingdale’s store card

The Bloomingdale’s credit card gives you access to perks like Choose Your Own Triple Points Day, early access to Friends & Family offers, and free gift wrapping. If you want to earn Bloomingdale’s points outside of Bloomingdale’s, their American Express might be the card for you. 

Email subscription

Sign up for Bloomingdale’s emails and save 15 percent on your next purchase, then get ready for special promotional emails full of savings. Plus you can save an additional $20 at the outlet for subscribing to the outlet store’s emails, too. Save another 10 percent off when you sign up for text alerts. 

How to Save Money at Macy’s

Sales, clearance & coupons

Each week Macy’s offers new coupons – simply scroll the site to search for the department you’re interested in and check out the savings! 

Star Rewards

Members of the free Star Rewards program earn points on every purchase (except gift cards), plus there are additional perks, savings, and surprises. You can enroll at the Bronze level by signing up for their email list without applying for Macy’s credit card. Cardholders can join at the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels, depending on how much they spend per year, with higher spending thresholds netting better perks. 

Macy’s Money

Macy’s Money is another way to earn benefits. If you shop on Macy’s Money days, you will earn money to spend on specific days afterward. The amount you earn increases by how much you spend. 

Macy’s store card

As with the Bloomingdale’s card, signing up for a Macy’s Card will give you access to all sort of perks, including 20 percent off your first purchase (up to $100), rewards based on how much you spend, Star passes (discounts), free shipping for Gold and Platinum members, and a birthday surprise. 

Download the Macy’s app

Download the Macy’s app and earn 25 percent off the first order you place through the app. The app is also a good way to stay in the loop on sales and promotions, and you can compare in-store prices to online prices.  

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