Spring Break Travel Essentials Under $50

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Planning a trip during your kids’ Spring Break? My husband and I plan our work schedules around our daughter’s break and we collaborate as a family on destinations, accommodations, and activities. Since travel costs are incredibly unpredictable and because I write about shopping for a living, I felt compelled to find the gear that will make every family’s trip as smooth and convenient as possible. From top portable beauty & grooming products to must-have companion items for your tech, I’ve found 20 items that will level up your travel experience.



HiBar Face Wash & Shampoo & Conditioner Sampler ($14.95, $7.95) 

Traveling with liquid beauty products can result in a messy travel bag! These solid facial cleansing bars and solid shampoo and conditioner bars are available in different formulations based on your skin or hair type. Travel pouches for the bars are also available, which are particularly handy if you are going to multiple destinations. The bars are water-free and the packaging is plastic-free, making them far more gentle on the environment than typical products. 

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Beia Daily Setting & Hydrating Mist, 1oz. ($24)

Traveling, especially by airplane, can leave the skin feeling parched. This TSA-approved mist contains aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, green tea, and squalene; it’s like a drink of water for the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day! 

I also like the brand’s Refresh Wipes for a quick shower-free cleanup after a long journey. The pH-balanced, fragrance-free wipes eliminate orders on the go – perfect if you arrive in the morning and can’t check in to your hotel or rental property right away.  

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Coppertone Every Tone SPF 50 ($9.99) 

Going somewhere sunny?  Pack this tube in your suitcase.  The lightweight, quick-dry lotion provides UVA/UVB protection, and unlike so many SPF lotions, blends in clear and stays clear on all skin tones (even after swimming).  The 7oz. size should keep the whole family protected all week long.

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Onyx Professional Cracked Heel Repair Balm Stick (2-pack) & 3-in-1 Diamond Foot Scrubber ($18.98)

If you’re heading somewhere warm, your feet might need some TLC before they are sandal-ready! This foot scrubber and foot balm combo will help to sort out your feet pronto. The super effective scrubber has a course side and a fine side and there is a removable mini scrubber to reach smaller areas. The balm contains rich ingredients, like beeswax, shea butter, & coconut oil to hydrate the feet after scrubbing.  Toss the TSA-safe balm into your travel bag to nourish feet on the go.   

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Curaprox Dental Care Travel Set ($12.95)

If your bag is tight on space, pack this tiny Swiss-made toothcare kit. It contains a two-piece toothbrush, Peach+Apricot flavored whitening toothpaste, and two interdental brushes, nestled in a small, protective case. I keep one in my carry-on for freshening up before I depart the plane.  It’s also great for camping!

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Jet Setter Jasmine Scented Self-warming Sleep Mask ($16.99 for a pack of five)

These self-heating eye masks can help soothe tired eyes, allowing you to rest during your flight or unwind in your hotel. Each mask is individually packaged, and once you open the pouch, the mask begins to warm and the subtle scent is released. The warmth lasts about 20 minutes – hopefully just long enough to ease you into sleep.   

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Vim & Vigr Compression Socks ($38) 

Do you struggle with swelling when you travel? These compression socks can protect the overall health of your legs, ankles, and feet, prevent swelling, and alleviate that achy or heavy feeling you can encounter on long journeys. And compression socks don’t have to be boring – Vim & Vigr has so many fun styles! The socks are available in three different compression levels for men and women.  

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Kind Laundry Travel Packs ($4 and up)

Sometimes it makes sense to do laundry on your trip, whether your journey is long or you prefer to travel light and avoid checked bag fees. Rather than buying laundry detergent at your destination or traveling with liquid detergent, use these eco-friendly sheets in Unscented or Ocean Breeze, which are housed in zero-waste packaging and made with all non-toxic ingredients (unlike more detergents on the market today). Each pack comes with 6 sheets, with one sheet tackling a full load. The brand also has a stain remover bar, which is also conveniently packaged for travel.  

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Twelve South BookBook CaddySack ($47.99)

The BookBook, which looks like a vintage book, has countless storage options for cords, charging bricks, earbuds, and more.  Also from Twelve South for Apple users is the ButterFly 2-in-1 MagSafe Charger ($129.99), which is the smallest multi-charger I’ve seen and allows for charging of Apple Watch, iPhone, and AirPods – two at a time. It also serves as a phone stand (handy for watching movies on the plane) and comes with international plugs.  

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Clorox Disinfecting Wipes To Go Packs ($.99) 

These sheets kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria – including COVID-19! – on high-traffic, non-porous surfaces, like train, plane, and airport seats, tray tables, door handles, etc., when used as directed. Each pack holds 9 sheets. I also like the travel-sized Clorox Disinfecting Mist ($3.99), which is aerosol-free, and wipe-free.

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Pourri Before You Go Toilet Spray, Pocket Travel Size ($5.97)

This pocket-sized sprayer helps remove some of the stress of having to “go” when you’re on the go! The lightweight plastic bottle has a thin profile that fits into a pocket or the tiniest travel bag so you can have it on hand when the need strikes. Available in several pleasant scents. 

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Lion Latch ($11.95 and up)

If you need medication on your journey or want a safe place to store a few jewelry items, I recommend this little case. It has a keyring clasp that can be attached pretty much anywhere, and the case won’t open unless you remove the clasp. Lion Latch’s are available in lots of colors and patterns, so they are fun (and practical) for the whole family.  

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Babyganics SPF 50 Kids Mineral Sunscreen Roller Ball ($19.99 for 2) 

This convenient roller ball makes SPF application easy, even for the tiniest traveler! Just roll on the face or body, blend lightly, and they’re ready for their next adventure! The water-resistant mineral sunscreen is made with a proprietary blend of tomato, sunflower, cranberry, black cumin, and raspberry seed oils, and provides broad-spectrum protection free of PABA, phthalates, parabens, synthetic fragrances, or nanoparticles. Excellent for adults with sensitive skin, too.  

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Flipeez Plush ($14.99) 

These adorable plushes function as a travel pillow for kids, plus they are fun to play with! The 11” toys are available in a dragon, puppy, panda, and fox and by squeezing their feet, kids can make the arms or ears move. There is also an 8” size in a chick, bunny, unicorn, penguin, and axolotl available exclusively at Five Below for $5.  

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Bentgo Kids Chill Lunch Box ($39.99) 

When you’re spending long days out and about with kids, whether you’re sightseeing or road tripping, it’s wise to pack snacks so you can make the best use of your time. This microwave and dishwasher-safe leak-proof box is divided into 4 compartments and has a removable ice pack to keep snacks cool and fresh – you can also use the box without the ice pace.  Available in a ton of fun colors.  There’s also the Bentgo Snack Cup ($17.99), which is good for packing crunchy snacks plus a dip.  

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Pure Protein Bars Variety Pack – 18 Count ($20.47) 

I like to have snacks at the ready in case the food on the plane is terrible, we miss breakfast at the hotel or need an energy boost as we sightsee. This variety pack includes 6 each of Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Deluxe, and Chewy Chocolate Chip flavors. The bars are low calorie and low sugar and are packed with 20 or 21g of protein per serving.  

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