With Amazon opening checkout-free stores and only 24 percent of Americans making all or most of their purchases with cash (compared to 36 percent five years ago according to a 2016 Gallup Poll), is it possible that transacting with cash is becoming a thing of the past? In a segment with Larry Smith, I shared my favorite tools for cash-free transacting, including apps that house your credit card data, apps that digitally transfer funds between friends, and clothing and accessory items specially designed to help us travel more lightly.


Cash-Free with Friends

According to a recent U.S. Bank Cash Behavior Survey, more consumers say they prefer the use of digital apps to make payments versus cash, so let’s talk apps. You can’t split the dinner bill or pay your sitter without cash, right?  Wrong. Link Zelle to your banking app and safely and easily send money to friends, family and colleagues – when both parties are registered – in minutes. Unlike other apps for sending money, Zelle keeps the transaction private.



Cash-Free Meals

After a satisfying meal, who wants to think about cash? With the mobile payment technology provided by LevelUp, you can pay your bill, cash-free, at hundreds of restaurants, like Pret a Manger and Potbelly, simply by scanning the restaurant’s app your mobile device.


Cash-Free Coffee

Now you can go cash-less and cut long morning lines with apps from popular coffee chains, like Dunkin’ Donuts. It allows you to place your On-The-Go mobile order ahead of time for quick pick up and cash-less checkout. When you enroll in DD perks, you get your first coffee for free, and throughout the year you’ll receive exclusive offers, rewards and bonus points towards your favorite food and beverage purchases.



Cash-Free Style

And of course, the fashion industry is keeping up with the times by making garments and accessories for the cash-free trend. Splendid is an apparel brand that makes ultra flattering fitness and athleisure-wear. Their leggings have a really handy credit card pocket, perfect for traveling light.

K. Carroll is an accessories brand with products that are always stylish, but also super functional. Case in point, their The Keeper, which holds any size cellphone, a couple credit cards and can be worn as a lanyard or wristlet. They’re only $9.99 and they have one for the Washington Nationals!