Winter is finally behind us, which means it’s time to throw open our windows and start fresh! Sadly, part of that starting fresh involves Spring cleaning! In a segment for Let’s Talk Live in DC, I show host Julie Wright how we can get organized, and make cold, hard cash from our cleaning efforts by selling our gently-used items, like old jewelry and clothing.


Make a plan

Most of us are overwhelmed by the thought of a whole-house cleaning, but don’t be! Break down this monumental task into parts or short time intervals. Your closet is a great place to start. While you’re putting your cold-weather clothes away, pull out items you no longer wear and list them to sell in just 60 seconds on or the Poshmark app from your smartphone.


Go Through Your Jewels

Speaking of making money, why not sell those diamonds you no longer wear? Whether you have a piece from a former marriage or one that’s not your taste, Worthy, a luxury online auction, facilitates every step of the way; from getting an unbiased grading report, to the professional photography of your gem.  The Worthy auction brings together a curated community of professional buyers competitively bidding, directly to your mobile device, so you get the very best price.   Just sit back and let the offers roll in!


Minimize the elbow grease (and all the sponges)

If you’re doing a proper deep clean, you have lots of areas to hit. Silicone sponges, like the WaveSponge Silicone Dish Scrubber that I recently discovered at, are becoming very popular because they last for ages, and are bacteria- and odor-resistant. I like this one, in particular, because it has a squeegee which is great for pushing food off dishes or water off mirrors. It also has a soap pocket! texture helps push food and liquids off surfaces, a nylon scraper tackles crusty areas, and a little soap pocket helps achieve a squeaky-clean finish.


The Junk Drawer

Don’t forget to tackle that junk drawer! Most importantly, pull out all of those partially used gift cards and sell them at GiftCardGranny, who I work with. Cash them out or buy a discounted gift card that you’ll really use!


Be smart with your storage.

If you’re still out of closet and drawer space after selling some things, all is not lost. I like clever storage solutions like the Neu Home Utility Storage Closet from JCPenney Home. Affordable options like this one are perfect for the space-challenged and provide ways to keep shoes, linens and clothing organized.