June means wedding season, and like everything else with inflation, the price of a wedding has gone up.

The average price for a D.C. wedding is $42,000 to $47,000. according to the online wedding planner, The Knot.

The average price for a wedding around the country is $32,000.

Experts recommend if you are looking to save some money on your big day, start planning early and set a budget.

The big ticket items are the venue, food and drinks, entertainment and honeymoon.

“With the venue, what I would try to do if you’re a little bit flexible, I would try to have your wedding off-season, so not in June. Think about maybe having your wedding on a different day than the typical day. So have it on a Friday night and then maybe have fun activities on the Saturday, if you’re looking for a Saturday wedding or even a Sunday wedding, the price really shoots up,” Trae Bodge, consumer expert, said. “And then look at maybe some free options. Is there a park nearby that you can just get a permit for? Does someone have a nice home who loves to host and you can have the ceremony there. So look for those free options.”

Here are some other tips from Bodge:

  • “If you think about during the cocktail hour, having a table set up with munchies and bytes, instead of having that food passed, that will bring your bill down significantly. I would also say in terms of the bar, rather than having a flat-out open bar, you can do just beer and wine and one signature cocktail.”
  • ” I think a DJ is probably a more budget-friendly option versus a live band. And then the cheapest option is of course, creating your own mix for the music.”
  • “Some venues will allow this where you can bring in your own lighting or your own flowers. This, if you are creative will save you a lot.”
  • “It is really not necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a wedding dress that you’re only going to wear once. And so what I would recommend is consider maybe renting a dress.”
  • “The other thing that you can do is look outside of the wedding category.
  • “As soon as you look at wedding dresses, the price goes way up. So you could look at formal wear and find a fabulous gown that’s not intended for a wedding dress that looks like a wedding dress.”
  • “If money is tight, don’t go crazy on a very lavish honeymoon.”
  • “Registering for financial gifts for a honeymoon or even a down payment for a home. That’s a really practical way to raise that money.”
  • Weddings are a good time to call in favors
  • If you have a family member or friend who’s especially good at photography, or catering, or DIY projects, have them volunteer. They often want to help out and be part of your big day.

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