Consumers across the country are noticing more frequently that containers of snacks, cleaning products, beverages and other products are getting smaller while they’re paying the same price or more for items than they have in the past.

“Shrinkflation,” where packaging sizes get smaller but charge the same price, is a trend that comes as Americans are still trying to cope with higher prices that have set in since the coronavirus pandemic caused supply chain shortages that ramped up prices and inflation that is still lingering

It’s a trend consumers are dealing with that has even hit Sesame Street, with the Cookie Monster taking to X earlier this month to complain about his favorite snacks getting smaller.

“Me hate shrinkflation! Me cookies are getting smaller,” the post said. “Guess me going to have to eat double da cookies!”

President Joe Biden has made dealing with shrinkflation an administration priority, even mentioning it during his State of the Union address.

Smart shopping expert Trae Bodge said it is becoming more common for all kinds of goods to come in smaller packaging and there are few signs of the trend going back as inflation stabilizes.

“I’m seeing this so much more than I ever have. I started noticing this maybe a year-and-a-half, two years ago and now I’m just seeing it everywhere across multiple categories, so consumers have to be really clever in how we circumvent this, look for savings,” she said.

But what can consumers do about it?

“Definitely use your coupons, the circulars that the store has in hand, you can see if maybe you can get a two-for-one or buy one 50% off,” Bodge said. “Buy larger quantities. This can be very helpful, rather than say, two rolls of toilet paper, get the 24-pack if you can.”


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