NEW YORK (WABC) — A viral trend called loud budgeting is where people declare what they will not spend their money on, but there is some myth-busting about the movement.

There are some big misperceptions about loud budgeting and what it takes to get to your financial goals.

Myth 1- Loud Budgeting means telling everyone you are broke.

Myth 2 – In order to loud budget, you have to save every penny.

Myth 3 – Loud Budgeting means you can’t buy luxury goods.

Myth 4 – Loud budgeters hate the wealthy.

Myth 5 – Loud budgeting is only for poor people.

How do you think the rich got rich? Wealthy people are the OG-loud budgeters.

One great quote Nina Pineda saw was, “I pay a lot of money for my home, so that’s where I’ll be..home.”

No matter what your income is, setting boundaries and priorities will help you with that nest egg.

Myth 6 – Loud budgeting makes you sad.

While budgeting in general doesn’t seem like fun, this is trying to make it seem like a movement. Instead of FOMO, if you think of it like you are working for your future self or toward a goal, you are deriving joy from taking care of business.

Myth 7 – Loud budgeting is backlash against millennials and Gen Zers who don’t work hard and dug into a debt hole buying $10 matcha.

While this trend may have started on social media, it’s for everyone. You can loud budget as a boomer, a millennial, a retiree, or a Gen Z. It doesn’t matter when you do it, it just matters if you start.

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