SAN ANTONIO, Texas — “Everything is expensive right now,” said Karen Owens, a frugal mom of four from Leon Springs.

Inflation is what drove her to make changes to her budget. It was already tight, but she was sure she could squeeze even more savings out of her money.

Smart saving expert Andrea Woroch said to start saving by paying yourself first.

“This means treating your savings like every other bill you have and prioritizing it,” she said. “So whether it’s 20 percent of the top before you even pay your bills or whatever amount that is, you’re trying to save, put that into a separate online savings account so it’s out of sight, out of mind. Don’t link it to your checking account, otherwise, it’s easy to dip into it.”

Then make sure you are tracking all of your spending.

Or reduce little luxuries, but do not completely cut them, suggested smart shopping expert Trae Bodge.

“Things that you’re paying other people to do that you could do for yourself like your nails,” she said. “It’s always so nice to go to the salon and be treated to a manicure or a pedicure, but with a little practice, that’s something that you could do at home by yourself when you’re bingeing your latest Netflix series and you can save hundreds of dollars.”

Bodge also said to save by waiting until three-day holiday weekend sales to get deals on large purchases plus use browser extensions for online shopping that actively look for savings for you like CouponCabin or SlickDeals.

Even adjusting a few of your spending habits will add to your savings. Start with one new saving strategy and then add others.

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