Spring cleaning is a productive use of your time, plus, you can make money from many of the items that you don’t use any more. After all, what no longer suits you might suit someone else!

Trae Bodge, Smart Shopping Expert at Truetrae.com, shares tips on how to sell everything from gently-used clothing to tech.

With the exception of ThredUp, you will be responsible for photographing, pricing and posting your items.
· Photograph your items in good light and show multiple angles.
· Describe your items as concisely as possible.
· To determine your price, look at comparable items and set your prices competitively.

You want to build a good reputation on these platforms so people will be more likely to buy from you down the road.
· Reply quickly to any inquiries.
· Ship quickly once your items have sold.
· Pack all items carefully.
· Consider adding a personal touch, like a note or a little goodie.

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