With many of us now a few weeks into working from home. How’s it going? Professional writer, blogger, and shopper Trae Bodge has been working from her home office for ten years.

Bodge has some advice on how to be most effective while teleworking:

  1. Establish that set working space you go to and look at every day.
  2. Close off your office while on the job, and keep everyone in the family out.
  3. Keep it very clean so you aren’t looking around being distracted by clutter.
  4. Keep your phone at arm’s length to avoid the temptation to check social media or take personal calls.
  5. Separate work time and personal time.
  6. Make sure you have a functional, desk and a comfortable chair.

Trae has some advice on how to shop for that last tip, and right now it’s important to do some research and comparison shop because there are a lot of deals to take advantage of. Once you find the item you want Bodge says, “use a savings site like slickdeals.net which I talk about. They may have a coupon for that site. Another tool I like is a site called couponcabin.com. They have a browser extension that allows you to get cashback when you shop.”


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