Every year brings amazing toy innovations and there are so many that I am excited about this year! I have an extensive list of my favorite toys overall on Credit.com, but I wanted to share four with you that are extra special.

Budsies ($89 and up)

Can make a plush character out of any original artwork or a photo. They also make Selfie Budsies, real people replicated into cute plush, created from a photo. The ultimate in creative and one-of-a-kind products!


Props in a Bag ($29.99)

Encourage imaginative play with this clever kit! There are four themes available: The Camper, The Builder, The Superhero and the Magician. Each drawstring backpack comes with props for that character and a 36” x 28” backdrop. Kids can also download the free Movie Maker app to take their play experience to another level, or they can play screen-free. Ages three and up.


Lionel Mega Tracks Corkscrew Chaos ($99.99, $19.99 for additional stuntpacks)

With this set, kids can create amazing twisting rail systems that go not only along the floor, but twisting and under and over furniture! Once the layout is built, kids guide the Mega Tracks vehicle over the course with the RC controller. Kit includes 20 feet of TwisTrack, 55 construction pieces and one vehicle. Ages 8+


IDO3D Vertical 4 Pen Studio ($19.99)

Kids are used to drawing in one dimension, but I DO 3D allows them to take their creations to another level. With the four pens included, and a blue light, kids can create endless three-dimensional designs. Ages 8+