Girls Rule – Girl Power Reigns Supreme This Holiday Season

Thanks to all the powerful women girls have to look up to this year (both real and cinematic), the girl power trend has reached an all time high. In fact, this Halloween, princess costumes dropped from their favored #1 spot in favor of super hero(ine) costumes for girls. This holiday season, from double agent dolls to construction kits, there are more gifts than ever for the powerful, brilliant and creative girls on your list! Trae Bodge, Smart Shopping Expert for cash back site, shares her favorite girl power gifts.



  • A fresh look at the Princess character category in this music-driven YouTube animation series – with over 10mm views -that taps into the current trend of girls’ empowerment and their passions for friendship, music, fashion and adventure; features a cast of strong empowered female characters that ‘tween girls can relate to. Gifts include this Change the World Ruffle Hem Tee ($30) from Kohl’s, fashion dolls from Madame Alexander, headphones, MP3 microphones and a CD


  • These female action figures are designed specifically for girls and feature healthy body types, forward-thinking design, and superpowers based on character traits – their motto is “all the superpowers you could ever want or need are already inside of you.”  Its Series 1/Courage figures are modeled on Joan of Arc, with names like Bravery and Persistence.  Series 2/Wisdom with Hypatia of Alexandria, who was a mathematician and philosopher, including Ingenuity and Curiosity. They come as single figures or in a set, packaged in a cool metal lunchbox ($69) with a workbook and other accessories.


Wonderhood Toys

  • These fun building sets encourage girls to be creative as well as scientific. Girls can create the structures as they see fit and each set comes with an activity journal, which includes design challenges, and a play figure. I love the Corner Shops ($29.99) at, which has 38 re-buildable pieces, including panels to build a candy shop and general store.


Playmobil City Action Space Rocket with Launch Site

  • The iconic brand of imaginative play sets is continually adding more and more female figures in what are considered ‘traditional’ male roles.  This year, this Space Rocket set ($49.99) contains a female astronaut.  There is also a new Furnished Children’s Hospital with female surgeon and a new pirate set with a female swashbuckler.


Zing Air Huntress ($29.99)

  • Heroines for young girls are changing…girls today are inspired by female warrior heroes like Katniss Everdeen of The Hunger Gamesand  Brave’s Merida, among others. These safe  “parent-approved” sets are part of the full line of innovative launchers from Zing, and are perfect for any type of target practice, indoors or out!