There are ways to save on your bottom line at the grocery store, even as inflation continues to skyrocket at unprecedented rates.

Inflation is continuing to skyrocket at an unprecedented rate, and in some instances, companies’ costs are being passed onto consumers.

The price of food is stunning, but there are ways to save on your bottom line at the grocery store.

“In many cases, generics and name brands are pretty much the same product,” smart shopping expert Trae Bodge told Inside Edition. “In fact, sometimes they’re made in the same factory.”

Consumer Reports, the nonprofit consumer organization dedicated to independent product testing, has found that store brands often measure up to national brands in terms of taste and quality. But where they sometimes differ is in price, noted Stew Leonard Jr., of Stew Leonard’s grocery store in Manhattan.

Name brands can cost as much as 30% more than a generic one.

“In 50 years, we’ve never seen inflation like this,” he told Inside Edition. “Find the right store; there’s a lot of great store brands out there today buy them bring them home and save money.”

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