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Fabulous Hair Care Products for Aging Hair

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This post is sponsored by Hair Biology. All opinions are my own.

Are you noticing changes in your hair as you age? You might be spying some silver strands, or maybe your locks don’t feel as silky soft or as bountiful as they once did. These changes are an unfortunate byproduct of aging, along with crepey skin, drooping boobs, aching joints, crazy mood swings, and all the rest.

Let’s talk about those silver strands. You can see that I don’t fight mine, but I understand that grey hair is not for everyone.  If you’re grey already or on your way there, you already know that grey hair behaves very differently than your “original” hair. For one, it can get brassy over time, so it’s important to brighten it regularly. You can do this easily with brightening products, like the new biotin-infused paraben-free Silver Shampoo and Conditioner from the Hair Biology Silver & Glowing Collection ($9.99 each at Target). This purple shampoo and conditioner duo is designed to counteract those yellow tones and remove residues that can dull the hair.

Note that my grey is very sensitive to purple brightening shampoos, in particular, so while I find that the Hair Biology Silver Shampoo is not as powerfully purple as others I’ve tried, I still rinse it out quickly to ensure the brightening effect, while avoiding a blue-haired old lady look. 😉 

Another issue that plagues me, and one that you may be encountering yourself as you age, is dullness. Hair Biology has a Silver Shine Serum ($9.99 at Target) that I’ve found helps to add shine. I also find that it helps to combat frizziness, which is something I’ve always struggled with. On wash day, I use a couple of pumps of this cream-to-serum formula as a finishing touch, layered with whatever leave-in cream I’m using. I also use it on days I’m not washing to help refresh my curls.

Yet another age-related issue is that our hair can also lose body over the years, which can be caused by thinning, slower growth, and a reduction in the thickness of the individual strands. My grey hair has less body than my other hair, and since so much of my hair is grey, my hair feels less voluminous overall.  One last rave about Hair Biology is their Hair Thickening Treatment from the Full & Vibrant Collection ($9.99 at Target). This non-aerosol spray helps to thicken the strands and provide volume. I use this as I blow dry my hair and use a few pumps at the roots and fluff with a pick. 

You can shop all the products I mentioned in my blog post, exclusively at Target!

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