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When it comes to saving money, we often think BIG, like socking away a tax return or making deposits into college funds or retirement accounts. But money can be saved in little increments, too. Over time, those tiny moves can really make a difference, so I wanted to share some of the products that help me save money every day.

DIY Seltzer

I make my own seltzer with the Sodastream Sparkling Water Maker. This manual seltzer maker is incredibly convenient – I can make sparkling water whenever I want with a press of a button! The CO2 canister lasts for months, and I don’t have to buy bottle after bottle of seltzer from the store, which saves me money and time. And I’m not putting all that plastic back out into the world.


BYO Coffee

Making coffee at home and taking it with you is one of the most obvious ways to save money, but it’s also one of my favorites. I can make coffee just how I like it for a few cents instead of a few dollars. I like my coffee strong, and I’ve been enjoying the super budget-friendly IMUSA Espresso & Cappuccino maker, which is only $30!


For transport, I like the insulated bottles from Zojirushi because they keep your coffee/tea hot for a long time, they don’t leak, and they’re easy to clean.


If I don’t want to drag a bottle around with me once I’m done drinking, I’ll put my coffee in a Stojo, which is a collapsible silicone cup. It doesn’t keep my coffee hot for long, but it packs down pretty flat, making it easy to carry in my purse. 


Don’t Buy Water

I use reusable water bottles rather than purchasing bottled water wherever we go. If I’m headed somewhere with the fam, I always make sure that my husband, daughter, and I all have a water bottle. My criteria are that the bottles we use and leak-proof and they must keep water cold for many hours. The Zojirushi bottles I mentioned above are excellent for this purpose, but I also like the bottles from Stanley because they have a straw, which is good for the car. Bringing your own water can be a big money-saver over time, and it cuts down on SO much waste! 


Home Nail Salon

Sadie and I do our own nails with a home gel formula, like Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish and Top Coat. If you’re accustomed to going to the salon, doing your nails yourself can take practice, but you will save a lot of money in the long run. Home gel formulas don’t require blue light to be cured, so doing a long-lasting mani or pedi at home can be done pretty quickly – like during an episode of whatever TV show you’re currently binging. 


Home Hair Care 

Skip the deep conditioning treatment at the salon! Deep conditioning your hair at home is quick and easy to do, and one jar of deep conditioner will last for many treatments. The one I’m currently using is the DevaCurl Heaven in Hair treatment.


I’ll leave it in for a few minutes in the shower or if I’m feeling lazy, I will leave it in all day. It’s an excellent treatment and gives my hair a slicked-back look. If you like it when your stylist puts you under the dryer with deep conditioner in, you can purchase a bonnet hooded hair dryer attachment (about $14) for your regular hairdryer.  


Repairing Instead of Tossing

When you break something, like a vase or a mug, try repairing it rather than throwing it away. I’ve tried Crazy (or Super) Glue in the past, which I haven’t had good luck with, but I recently discovered Bondic, which is a UV-activated plastic liquid welding material. It comes in an easy-to-use pen on one side and a UV light on the other. I’ve repaired many things with it and it works. I strongly suggest keeping this clever product on hand!


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My favorite products for saving money.

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  1. Cindy BODGE

    In a little box the size of a dollar bill, put in one Dollar every day (I put in all my dollar bills there every day and end up with about $100 of found money by the end of the month? Even with just one dollar a day, you’ll “find” $365 at the end of the year. Just saying…

    • Trae Bodge

      This post is specific to products, but this is an excellent savings tip!

      I share a similar one about keeping a jar by the door for all your change*great minds*