5 Essentials for a Successful Home Fitness Routine

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With many gyms being closed and the winter weather driving us into hibernation, many of us are trying to figure to how to stay fit at home. If a pricey Peloton or another fancy workout gadget is too rich for your blood, here’s what you need to get started with a successful home fitness routine:

1. A Virtual Workout Guide

Most of us need someone to guide us and cheer us on, but that person doesn’t necessarily have to be in the room with us. There are lots of subscription services to check out (some are on sale here), and there are also thousands of Youtube videos that you can access for free.

A few of my favorite channels are Yoga with Tim, Fitness Blender, and Bodyfit by Amy. I like these three because they offer a lot of variety and there are dozens of videos in the 30-minute range, which is my preference. Use these as a starting point, but there are so many other great channels to check out. I’ve recently been doing a lot of Pilates and have been enjoying Lottie Murphy and Ange’s Pilates.

2. The Right Space

If you have a spare area in your home to call your own, create a cushioned surface with a foam mat. Interlocking mats are handy because you can customize the square footage to your exact space. My husband and I recently converted a small room into a workout room and these are holding up really well.


If your workout space needs to be convertible, a yoga mat is a good way to go. I like the extra wide, extra thick mats from Yoga Direct. They give you a lot of surface area and are thick enough to provide a soft surface on hard flooring. I’ve had mine for over three years and it’s juuust about time to replace it.


3. Workout Clothes

You might think you’re just working out at home, so why wear anything special? Think again.

“Gearing up in clothing that’s designed for you to work out is one of the most powerful reminders to get into your fitness practice,” said Tara Mackey, health expert, author of “Cured By Nature” and founder of The Organic Life blog. “When I was first starting to change my exercise habits, I simply left my workout clothes and running shoes out by my bed the night before. This becomes an automatic reminder to make fitness a priority — first thing in the morning.”

4. Home Workout Equipment

No matter what kind of workouts you prefer, it’s wise to stock up on a few essential workout equipment items. A good place to start is with an all-in-one kit like the FitKit Pro. This kit contains must-haves like resistance bands, a door anchor, and a jump rope. It also weighs only 2 pounds so it’s good for travel (whenever we do that again). It includes fitness cards to help get you started and you’ll have access to a library of more than 250 exercises.


I also like to have yoga blocks & straphand weights, and kettlebells on hand – colorful ones keep me motivated.


5. Athletic Recovery Products

On those days that you’re super motivated, go hard, but take good care of yourself. When I feel sore after a workout, I like to use the CBD MD Freeze roller in 1500 mg or the Recover cream in 1500 mg.


If I have time, a long soak in one of their amazing bath bombs is my favorite way to recuperate.


 If CBD isn’t your thing, try the Procure Epsom Salt Rub


I also strongly recommend a heating pad.


And Remember: Keep it up!

And for those days when you don’t feel like doing anything at all, you can at least keep your muscles engaged as you’re sitting around.  Place a Back Posture Cushion on the chair at your desk. Not only is it helpful for back pain and is comfortable to sit on, but it also functions like a fitness ball. Its unstable surface forces your body to sit actively to stay balanced, which, in turn, strengthens your core.


Or, invest in an actual fitness ball, which you can use as a desk chair replacement, for a similar effect. Fitness balls are also great to use during your workouts.


As you begin your new workout regimen you’ll want to meet with your doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough to do the workouts you’re planning. Likewise, you’ll want to check your financial health before buying a bunch of equipment. You don’t want to gain physical fitness at the cost of fiscal fitness.

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