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The Coolest Car Gadgets Designed to Keep Drivers Safe

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Whether you’re driving a spanking new leaser that you’ll replace every three years or your old clunker from college that you’re not ready to give up just yet, you probably love your car. But no matter how much you coo to it when you’re driving or polish it with a chamois cloth, the car might turn on you and break down somewhere remote in the night. And sure, you could call for roadside assistance, but if you keep these seven must-have car gadgets with you, you might not have to.

UCO Pika 3-in-1 Rechargeable Lantern

Pika Lantern car gadgets 

Sure, you could keep a regular old flashlight in your trunk, but this 3-in-1 lantern with the rechargeable battery could be a much better option. It stands on the ground or can be hung so you can work hands-free and it can charge your smart devices through its USB port. It can also be used as a traditional flashlight by pushing the head down.

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Michelin Safety Pressure Gauge 


Michelin Pressue Gauge car gadgets

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Keeping your tires evenly inflated and at their optimum pressure will allow them to perform at their best (and safest). Use this handy programmable digital gauge regularly to help keep your tires in good shape. This is a good car gadget to keep in the glove box because it also has an emergency glass breaker, seatbelt cutter and flashlight.


Anker Dual Car Charger

car gadgets


This clever gadget will charge your phone in the car.  It has two ports, so no need to fight over it!

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AirMan ResQ Emergency Tire Repair Kit

car gadgets


Argh … a flat tire! No need to fret, the ResQ Tire Repair Kit can re-inflate your tire in under 10 minutes and temporarily repair a puncture up to 6 mm wide. The sealant used to repair the puncture is designed to hold for up to 120 miles at the recommended maximum speed of 50 mph. This gadget plugs into your 12-Volt car outlet and includes a light to work by.

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