From home organization to clean eating, spring is a great time to start fresh! These spring cleaning hacks and spring cleaning ideas will give you major inspiration to get started! #springcleaning #springcleaninghacks #springcleaningideas #springcleaningtips #cleaninginspiration

Spring Cleaning Ideas to Get the Job Done

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From cleaning and organizing your home to getting rid of unwanted items, spring is the perfect time of the year to start fresh!

Let these spring cleaning ideas give you major inspiration to get your life in order:


Spring Clean Your Home:

You know your home needs a deep clean, but rather than using your own elbow grease, I recommend a mechanized scrubber, like the Housemile Electric Spin Scrubber ($40). This portable, waterproof gadget will tackle those hard-to-clean areas, like your kitchen backsplash, bathroom tub & tiles, carpet stains, barbecue grill, outdoor furniture…even your car. Everything will sparkle and you’ll barely break a sweat.

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Spring Clean Your Closet:

It’s time to find a place for everything. For those items that don’t have homes, I like the clever storage solutions from Honey-Can-Do. They create endless options for the space-challenged, providing ways to keep toys, cabinets and even your basement organized.


Spring Clean Your Desk:

Those of you with a ton of devices know that they can end up all over the house slowly running out of juice.  The Satechi 7-Port USB Charging Station Dock ($50) is a docking station for all your small devices, from tablets to wireless headphones, charging up to seven at a time. You’ll always know where they are and they’ll be charged and ready to go.

If your photo albums and videos from weddings, vacations and births are languishing in boxes and on bookshelves, clear out the clutter and bring them into the digital age with Legacy Republic (prices vary – example pricing starts at $34.99 per photo album). Send in what you have and receive digital ebooks or Data DVD’s you can share with everyone.


Spring Clean Your Stuff

As you clean, you’ll likely find lots of things you no longer use or need. Why not sell those things and earn yourself some extra cash?  Here are some of my favorite platforms for selling your unwanted items:

Where to Sell Your Jewelry: Worthy

Where to Sell Your Tech: Decluttr

Where to Sell Your Clothing: ThredUp

Where to Sell Everything All in One Place: eBay


General Spring Cleaning Tips:

  • If you’re storing away sweaters, be sure to put some cedar balls or lavender sachets in with them. They’ll prevent moths and make your clothes smell great.
  • From now until tax time, commit 15 minutes each weekend to getting your financial papers in order to avoid a tax time crunch.
  • Have a big project to tackle like a messy basement? Tackle it in increments, like 15-20 minutes at a time. It won’t feel so insurmountable.
  • If you have allergies, make it a priority to clean your vacuum filters. And be sure to use mattress covers to keep dust mites at bay!


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