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The Spring Break Essentials Every Family Needs

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Whether you’re hitting the road or island hopping, Spring Break can be exhilarating, but also exasperating. Fortunately, there are products that can help keep everyone comfortable and eliminate unnecessary travel drama.


Baggallini Carryall Tote

Every great trip starts with a killer bag. This Carryall is true to its name, with plenty of pockets and a large central storage area. One of the outer pockets can convert into a sleeve that your suitcase handle can slide through, which is very handy for running through the airport. The bag is available in several colors and patterns. Get it here for $83 on Amazon.


mifold Grab-and-go Booster seat

If your child is in a booster seat at home, they need to be in one wherever you may roam. This portable booster is a lifesaver. It easily installs on planes, trains, and automobiles and folds up when not in use. Get it here for $35 on Amazon. *only tested for use in the US.

trtl Pillow Plus Travel Pillow

$60 might seem pricey for a travel pillow, but if you have to sleep sitting up on a long flight, you’ll be so glad to have it. You adjust it, secure it around your neck and then your head rests comfortably without lolling about. Get it here for $60 on Amazon.


myCharge Hubmax Portable Power Bank 

This 10,050mAH portable charger will charge phones and tablets on the go. It has integrated lightning and USB-C cable, so it charges my Samsung or my daughter’s iPhone with no additional cords needed. It also has it’s own wall charger, so you can juice it up on the road. Get it here for $75 on Amazon.


Pocketalk Language Translator Device

It’s fun to learn at least a little of the language where you’re going, but a little only goes so far. This handy device can translate over 70 languages! Simply select the desired language, speak into the device and the verbal translation occurs right away, allowing you to communicate with people almost anywhere. This version also has a 2-year data plan. Get it here for $199 on Amazon (originally $299!). 


TravelWise Packing Cube System

Avoid suitcase chaos with these light zippered organizers. The set contains five pieces – pouches for everyone! – and is available in several colors. Get it here for $20 on Amazon.


Cabeau Fold ‘n Go Travel and Throw Blanket

I don’t travel anywhere without this. When packed in its case, it serves as a comfy pillow for a tired child (or grownup). When open, it’s a cozy blanket that can be used in the car, on the plane, or in the hotel. When you’re on the move, the velcro strap allows you to affix it to a travel tote or suitcase. Available in gray and blue. Get it here for $20 on Amazon.

HYDAWAY Collapsible Water Bottle

There’s nothing good about being without water when you travel. You’re thirsty, your kids are thirsty…no one is happy. This 25oz. silicone bottle is perfect for travel because you can refill it and when you’re done, it collapses into a flat disc that you can toss in a bag or attach to the outside of a bag with a carabiner. Available in 8 colors. Get it here for $30 on Amazon.


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