Small Household Products That Make a Big Difference

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I was looking around the house recently and realized that there are so many small products that make a big difference in my day-to-day.

These things create convenience, ease, and even beauty in my life. I value them greatly, so I thought I would share them with you in the hopes that they would make a difference for you, too.   



This handy wall hook

Hillman High & Mighty Tool-Free Wall Hook ($13)

Why does this hook make me happy? It provides a dedicated place for my handbag that is not the floor or a chair – it holds a whopping 25lbs ladies, don’t you worry. Plus, it is TOOL-FREE (hence the name), with a clever metal contraption that you push into drywall with your hand, secure with a quick click and then slide the hook on. It takes under a minute. 


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This versatile key rack

Hillman High & Mighty Key Rack ($18.95)

So yes, Hillman gets TWO mentions. This is actually a key rack, but whatever, I use it for necklaces. I have two in the bathroom, and they hold a ton of necklaces, which a) keeps them visible so I don’t forget to wear them and b) keeps them from getting tangled like they would in a jewelry box. And because they are tool-free, I installed them in a flash.




This genius cable cord organizer

Blue Key World Cable Clips Cord Organizer ($9 for 6)

These tiny rubbery adhesive clips stick to your desk and keep your cables in line. I use one for my laptop charging cable and another for my desktop phone charger and I love how they help me keep a more orderly desk! Good for most surfaces, from glass to laminate.



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These extra-strong key magnets

Keysmart Keycatch ($14.99)

These powerful magnets are perfect for holding your ring of keys. They are available with an adhesive back and there’s a version with a screw on the back that replaces the screw on your light switch plate (so clever)! They are strong enough to hold 3 lbs., so no worries if you are a big shot with a ton of keys.




This convenient (and affordable!) photo collage

SONGMICS Picture Frames Collage for 9 Pictures ($29.99)

This easy photo collage is a great way to hang your favorite photos! Can be hung horizontally or vertically.




This easy and kid-friendly avocado tool

Avoloop ($11)

This simple kitchen tool quickly and easily scoops and pits avocados, and it can be used for other fruits, like mangos and kiwis. It also has no sharp edges, so it’s good for kids to perfect their Avocado Toast game.




This unique eyewear option for the whole fam

Zenni Glasses ($10 and up)

Zenni glasses are a stylish and very affordable eyewear option for men, women and kids! They have a feature where you can upload a photo and virtually try on frames that intrigue you. You just need your RX to order and they have all the basic options, from photochromic (that darken in the sun) to progressive lenses. You can even have your name engraved on them, should you choose.




This comfy wedding band substitute

Qalo Rings ($12 and up)

For the partner (aka Husband) who can’t hang onto their wedding band, these silicone bands serve as a stylish replacement – or substitute for when they go to the gym, do manual labor or hit the beach. The rings are a soft silicone, so the material won’t pinch their fingers. They come in lots of patterns and colors and they can even be personalized. 




This portable ring light

Ring Light ($13)

You social media pros will roll your eyes at this (“Ring lights are SO 3 years ago!”), but here’s the deal. I have mentioned ring lights to several “normal” people and it’s a new thing for them. A ring light is designed to clip to your phone, providing flattering light for pretty selfies.  In addition, however, I find my ring light to be very handy for quick Skype interviews when I clip it to my laptop, and I use it for product photography. I have a photo box for photographing some things, but a ring light is helpful when you want to shoot an item on a floor, rug or countertop, but the overhead lights are casting a shadow. Turn the lights off and use your ring light! See, jaded people? Aren’t you glad you kept reading? 


I was looking around the house recently and realized how many small products make a big difference in my life. Here are my favorite household products in 2019 on Amazon! #amazonproducts #bestamazonproducts #householdproducts #productsthatwork

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