10 Tips for Saving on Gas

In 2022, the one major topic of conversation in our households is the price of gas. As many of us venture back into the office and hit the road for road trips (because the cost of flights is dizzyingly high!) filling up is a necessary evil. Despite record-high prices at the pump, there are some ways to save on gas and make that gas last.

1.    Scope out the best gas prices. Each gas station is going to have different gas prices. I’ve seen prices vary by $.10 or more a gallon at stations right across the street from each other. To find the stations with the best prices nearby, use apps like Google Maps, AAA, or Waze. I like these because you can use the map/directions function at the same time. If you don’t require directions, try GasBuddy or GasGuru.

        Pro tip: don’t go too far out of your way, though. You’ll waste gas doing that!

2.    Pay in cash. Credit cards are convenient, but the cash price for gas is always cheaper than when you use credit.  

3.    Purchase discounted gas gift cards through popular resellers like GiftCards.com or Raise. Some gas companies have gift cards that are then sold on these re-sell platforms. 

4.    Check your credit card perks. Some credit cards offer 1%, 2%, or higher cashback or points for gas purchases, so make sure you are paying for gas with the best card. Also, read those perks emails from your credit card carrier. Some card providers will offer temporary benefits for buying gas with their card (the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card has been doing this lately). 

5.    Use memberships. Places like Sam’s Club and Costco offer an additional perk for their membership – cheaper gas prices! If you’re already paying for an annual membership, this is a perk worth using. The new-ish Walmart+ membership also gets you up to $.10 savings per gallon at Walmart, Sam’s Club, Exxon, Mobil, and Murphy’s gas stations.

6.    Utilize grocery loyalty programs. Some grocery stores, including Stop & Shop, Safeway, Kroger & Albertson’s, allow you to earn rewards for grocery purchases, which can be applied towards gas at participating gas stations. Every program is different, so check your local grocery store for the details.

7.    Work perks. If you’re just heading back into the office, ask your HR rep for a review of the perks. Some companies offer reimbursement for travel. With gas prices as high as they are, you don’t want to miss out on that perk! 

8. Map the best route. When running errands or venturing outside your home, plan your trip strategically to group all your errands into one trip. Minimizing your time on the road can make a huge impact on the longevity of your tank.

9. Tweaks to make with your car.

  • Avoid carrying heavy items in your car as that is a drain on gas.
  • Maintaining good tire pressure can save you a few cents on a gallon of gas.
  • Avoid running your AC too much.

10. Utilize other forms of transit. If you live in a place with good public transportation infrastructure, consider using the bus or train. Another alternative is walking or biking if you aren’t going far. Plus, it’s good exercise!

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