I visited CT Live and shared some of my favorite Spring Cleaning tips!  


If spring cleaning feels like a monstrous mountain to climb, that’s because it’s a huge job! Rather than trying to tackle it all at once – over a weekend, say – try time increments or tasks that don’t feel so insurmountable. Commit to 20-30 minutes at a time, or just switching out your winter clothes. You’ll have the satisfaction of succeeding each time instead of failing because you didn’t finish the whole job.


Trade Flash for Cash

As you sort through your stuff, don’t ignore those old jewelry boxes in the back of the closet. They may contain estate pieces or jewelry from a former marriage that you will never wear again, and chances are these pieces have great value. Worthy is an online platform that helps you sell these precious items, guiding you every step of the way to ensure that you get the very best value for your gems. You can even send in your whole jewelry box and they can let you know what’s valuable and what’s not.


Go Paperless

And how about that massive pile of paper on your desk??  Did you know that most households pay 12 bills a month on average? With that many bills to pay, we’re bound to miss one every now and again and those late fees can really add up (and damage our credit). Doxo allows consumers to securely pay all their bills in one place, online or through the app, including utilities, credit cards and loans. You can set up auto-billing using any payment method you prefer, without having to manage multiple log-ins or accounts, make sure you never miss a payment again – and avoid a huge pile of bills!


Earn Some Extra $$

One of my favorite things about Spring Cleaning is that it’s a great way to earn some extra cash. As you sort through your clothes and bins in the basement, you’re bound to find tons of gently-used items that you no longer use, but that others will find useful. Digital platforms, like Facebook Marketplace, eBay and LetGo are all convenient ways to sell items, like clothing, toys and furniture.


Donate with Ease

Once your selling spree is over, set up a home pickup with a locale charity for the remaining items. To find out which nonprofits offer pickups in your area, try DonationTown.org. You’ll be able to see your options like, Big Brother Big Sister, the United War Veteran’s Council and more. Schedule your pickup online and the driver will leave a receipt that you can use for tax purposes.