First Thing’s First

If your device is dragging, do the thing that seems obvious (but that you’re probably not doing) – call customer service. You’ll stay on hold longer than you’d like, but once you get someone, they might know just what to do to resolve the issue. If not, try doing a search for tips on Google, Bing or YouTube, or even hire an expert on Fiverr to help you cheaply. Sometimes you can fix the issue yourself…with some virtual help. Your issue could be as simple as clearing out some apps or adding a new SD card.


Sell It

If it turns out that it’s time for an upgrade, explore your options before going for that trade-in deal that your carrier is offering. A site like Decluttr will often buy your old phone for more than your carrier will offer you, and they’ll give an instant valuation and free shipping label, making the process a breeze. They also have an online store where you can buy refurbished devices that have a generous 12-month warranty.


Save When You Buy

Don’t just accept the price your carrier is offering and run with it. If you shop around, you can often save a bundle. For instance, GiftCardGranny, who I work with, has discounted gift cards for Apple, Verizon and Best Buy. The average savings on this site is between 2-35%, allowing you to save that amount when you shop. Also check a coupon site like They have discounts on phones and SD cards.


Your Kids’ Phone

Life is complicated. Not only do you have your own devices to worry about, but now your kids have devices. But, you shouldn’t have to pay for their upgrades too, right? With an app like Chorecheck, you can incentivize them to earn money towards a goal. They complete chores and earn money in the app. There’s even a Chore Check Pay Debit Mastercard that they can use to transact independently (with you being in the loop, of course!).