People can shop in person or now remotely through Tanger Outlet’s new ‘Virtual Shopper’ program.

The service launched in late June and aims to help shoppers buy at outlet prices without leaving home.

Shopping expert Trae Bodge says it’s a smart move.

“Some stores are open, other is closed, some people don’t want to wear masks when they shop so for consumers who want to shop and patronize their favorite businesses but stay safe, this is a fantastic solution,” Bodge says.

Shoppers can search for their favorite brands, styles, and deals or let a personal stylist shop in-store on their behalf.

The goal is to drive in-store sales for retailers while offering a digital experience.

“With the concierge aspect of this where consumers can talk to a stylist, get advice and find things they’re looking for, it offers customer service we were missing from online shopping that we enjoy from in store shopping. So really it’s a great blend,” Bodge said.

Customers can now access Tanger’s entire portfolio, not just the center nearest them. The service is free.

Shoppers fill out a virtual shopping form and once a purchase is made they have the option to do curbside pickup or pay to ship the items.

The company says it is competing with e-commerce while adjusting to the so-called new normal.


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