Valentine’s Day – Five Fresh Flower Hacks for the Online Shopper

  1. Order early

Order your Valentine’s Day flowers in early February so you can take advantage of the best discounts and avoid express shipping fees. I predict that savings up to 40% off will be offered this early in the game at select e-tailers.


  1. Stay in Touch

Keeping in touch with your favorite online florists will ensure you have access to special deals and limited time offers. Most online florists will offer email and text alerts, and some, like 1-800-Flowers, will even offer special deals by chat via Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or Apple Business Chat.


  1. Be Smart with Shipping

If you are sending a gift to someone with atypical business hours, such as teachers, place your order for delivery on February 11th or 12th so your recipient receives their gift on time. Also, keep in mind that deliveries on Valentine’s Day often continue into early evening hours, when some have already left for the day or office buildings have closed. If you order regularly, see if there are shipping membership programs.


  1. You Reap the Rewards

When deciding where to order your flowers, you’ll obviously be looking at selection and price, but also look for the opportunity to reap rewards, like points or dollars that can be applied towards future purchases! Through February 14th, is offering $20 or $15 when you spend $100 or $75, respectively. This “buy now, spend later” offer is perfect for those post-Valentine’s occasions like anniversaries or birthdays.


  1. Make Them Last

And if you’re lucky enough to receive flowers for Valentine’s Day, take care of your blooms so they last as long as possible. Follow the enclosed care instructions that come with your gift – which usually involves washing your vase and replacing the water, trimming the stems and adding a nutrient packet a few days after receiving your gift.