On behalf of Yroo.com, I sat down with anchor Alison Morris to discuss the best October shopping deals.

  1. Toys – Believe it or not, holiday sales start in October. In fact, research shows that toys prices are lower now than they are around Black Friday/Cyber Monday!Toy retailers want to start the holiday season off right, so they are offering deals and discounts to get you in the holiday shopping spirit.  Many times they will also be closing out last year’s models and designs of toys, especially electronics.  This will leave more shelf space for the newer models as the holidays approach.
  1. Jeans – Back to school clothing is pretty picked over by now, but one thing there’s almost always plenty of – denim. Stores want to clear out back to school inventory before the holidays, so look for jeans on clearance in October.
  1. Air Conditioning Units – The best time to buy an air conditioning unit is when weather is cool and demand is down. These units take up a lot of holiday shopping real estate, so stores will want to clear them out. Get an AC unit now and be ready to take on the heat next summer.
  1. Big Appliances – The sales on large appliances started in September and they are continuing full force into October. As more and more new models come out, stores really want to move old stock and that means discounts for you.  Many times you can get the prior year’s model at up to fifty percent off, simply because of a design or color change!
  1. Camping Equipment- Tents, sleeping bags and chairs are just some of the items that go down in price at end-of-season sales.  But this is one item that you want to take higher quality into account.  You want a deal, but you may want to get the deal on the higher quality on certain items like a tent. The lesser quality one may not work as well when it comes to keeping the rain out.