Thanks to inflation, many retailers are already offering Black Friday deals. Why a longer shopping period could be good for your wallet.

SAN ANTONIO — Do not wait to do your holiday shopping because it is likely you will not find many better deals on Black Friday.

Retailers are worried the squeeze of inflation will discourage holiday shopping, so deep deals and discounts are being offered now.

“People are concerned about prices going up,” said Trae Bodge, smart saving expert of TrueTrae. “This is really creating a sense of urgency on retailers to put offers out there to get shoppers shopping with them A.S.A.P.”

The extended holiday shopping period can alleviate some financial stress and pressure to prepare.

“You can spread your shopping out across multiple pay periods,” Bodge said. “So it’s less of a financial bottleneck to do this versus starting on Black Friday, for example, and only having four weeks to do all of your shopping.”

Look at stores’ price protection policies before you buy. It can make sure you get the lowest price should deals drop further.

Organization is key to taking advantage of the longer shopping season.

“You might forget that you bought a gift for someone early, so maybe arrange a shelf in your home where you’re keeping all of those gifts,” Bodge said. “Make a list with recipients, gift ideas, a budget for each, and tick everybody off as you go. That way you won’t overbuy or buy unnecessarily.”

Plus, take advantage of coupons and cash back apps to increase your savings.

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