Black Friday 2023: Deals, Steals and Money Tips with Trae Bodge

Open, open, open! You may be too young to remember, but a clothing store named Mervyn’s back in the early ’90s had some great commercials with people camped out by their store just waiting for them to open for the big Black Friday sales day.

Now, if you’re like me, you probably don’t go to the store that often on Black Friday. I’d much rather online shop, that is, until I heard what our guest Trae Bodge, our resident shopping expert, had to say about the hefty return fees retailers are now charging. Whether you’re planning to shop online or brave the crowds to score a deal in-store, Trae’s sharing all the tips you need to know, including Trae’s Black Friday shopping rules to get the best buys, her favorite shopping browser extensions to save money like PayPal Honey, my personal fav, and most importantly, how to stay on budget and not go into debt during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

You always love Trae’s Black Friday episodes, and this is our third year having her on the show. I learn something new each time myself and this episode is no exception. So while you’re stuffing yourself on Thanksgiving, shoot this episode out to 5 of your friends or share it on your socials so everyone can shop smart this week.


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