Look out for major store deals during President's Day weekend - expert advises

Inflation has been coming down, but prices are still high.

Analysts say now that stores see that people will pay more, they’re not rushing to give up profits by charging less.

But there are ways to take charge of your bottom line.

The biggest expense right now is food.

Bodge recommends an app that can save you some cash.

“Flash Food is an app that partners with grocery stores around the country. It helps them sell items that are nearing their best buy date or in surplus by offering discounts of up to 50%,” she said.

Here are some more ways to save money:

  • Don’t buy anything pre-made. It costs more. Make it yourself
  • Buy store brands. Bodge says they’re just as good as the name-brand products
  • Get a credit card that pays you back

“This one has 4% back on groceries. This one has 2% back on gas. You can even write on a Sharpie on your credit card. This is the one I’m going to use for gas every single time. It will pay off I promise.”

Thrift stores offer great discounts.

“There are so many categories that you can buy secondhand from clothing to electronics. Go into a large Goodwill or Salvation Army, or you can go online to say eBay or Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace. And then the other really important benefit of buying used is that it’s great for the environment.”

And you can trim cell phone and cable bills too.

“Get a Roku device, and then use a couple of streaming platforms,” she said. “There are lower cost [cellular] providers that are really good. Mint Mobile has plans as low as $15 per month per line. I’ve tested the service myself, and I know that it’s really good.”

Bodge says at least once a year, you should look at what you’re paying and see if it’s worth it. She says you could save $50 or more per month by ditching those 200+ cable channels, many of which you probably don’t even watch, and opt for streaming instead.


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