Consumer Investigator Danielle Serino has some tips for how you can turn those unwanted gift cards into some holiday cash.

Cleveland — We’ve all received a gift card – perhaps for a store where we don’t shop, or just a card we can’t use.

Some head to sites where you can sell those cards, which is a great way to get extra cash. And since some of those sites re-sell the cards at a discount, you can score some great deals.

But the exchanges aren’t a dollar-for-dollar system. What you can sell a card for is rarely the same as what you can buy one for.

Trae Bodge from Gift Card Granny, which sells discounted cards says, “It really depends on supply and demand when buying and selling discounted or unwanted cards. It’s really good to shop around compare rates and make your choice based on that.”

Regardless, it’s still extra cash in your pocket.

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