SAN ANTONIO — Here are several strategies so you can get what you need or even want but still have money in the bank:

1. Look for used before you buy new. Try online:

“There’s a ton of resale sites that are geared towards certain categories,” said Andrea Woroch, a smart saving expert. “You can find gently used clothing at sites like Poshmark or Thredup. If you’re looking for a high-end designer brand, go to The RealReal. This is going to give you anywhere from 50-80% savings. I would also suggest looking at certified refurbished when it comes to electronics, power tools, or home appliances, you’re looking at saving up to 60%. Just make sure it’s certified and it comes from a reputable retailer like Amazon, Best Buy or even eBay. Some of these companies even offer money back, so that gives you peace of mind. You can find gently used sporting goods for a really good deal at SidelineSwap.”

Or near your home:

“Go to the high-end part of town where all the mansions or whatever are and find a consignment or thrift store around there because that’s going to be where people are donating those designer goods,” said Julie Ramhold, a consumer analyst with

Find free items on local buy-nothing groups on Facebook.

2. Wait for a three-day holiday weekend.

“Especially if you are looking to make a larger purchase like an appliance, a mattress, a piece of furniture,” said Trae Bodge, a smart shopping expert. “If you hold out for those three-day weekends, you’ll always do better on price.”

Use deal sites, cash-back apps, and of course, coupons.

“Always look at sites like, see if there is a coupon available for a store you’re shopping at,” Woroch said. “If you can’t find one, check the retailer’s home page or social media accounts.”

Also try SlickDeals and Honey to find coupons.

3. Use store apps and store loyalty programs.

“There’s no reason not to do it,” said Christina, a San Antonio savings educator known as Saving with Christina. “Every time I’m at CVS and someone doesn’t enter their phone number, it breaks my heart just a little bit because depending on the store, most are giving you one to even 5% cash back on those accounts that you can use as store credit later on. And you get items for free. Who doesn’t like getting items for free now?”

You will also get notifications of sales by using store apps, so make a list of items you need and save it for when it is discounted.

4. Have an allowance

Plus, do not forget to set a budget for yourself so you make mindful purchases and do not overspend.

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