The latest check on inflation shows it’s continuing to ease – slowly. Prices on our day-to-day expenses are still high.

So, instead of waiting for inflation to completely cool down, our KSL-TV found some ‘sneaky’ ways that will keep more cash in your pocket today.

Install a browser extension

A browser extension is an add-on for your browser that scours the web for the best prices on items you’re shopping for. The KSL Investigators put a few to the test and, sure enough, found it did all the work.

Shopping expert Trae Bodge of, likes them too.
“Little pop ups will happen,” she said. “It will say there’s a coupon here that you can try just click on it. And it’s a very easy process.”

Cash back apps
Cash back apps like Ibotta, Fetch Rewards and will earn you cash back on groceries and other items by uploading your receipts.

“That’s a nice way to save a little money and then your money accrues in that platform, and then you can use it for a little bit of fun money after,” Bodge said.

Price Tracker Apps

A price tracker, such as PayPal Honey or The Camelizer for Amazon shoppers, is an app that analyzes prices of items and keeps track of their ups and downs.

“It will let you know if it’s a historically lower price right now or a higher price right now,” Bodge said. “So you know to maybe buy now or wait.”

Round Up Apps

You can put future cash back in your wallet by using a round-up app like Acorns or Chime, among others. Pair one of these with your debit or credit card, and it can make your spare change grow.
“If you bought something for $15.50, they’ll take the 50 cents change and then they’ll invest it for you,” Bodge said.

That’s saving money, without feeling too much of the pinch.

Embrace the Online Chat

We all know that you can use a website’s chat feature for customer service help, but Bodge says people have had success by using the chatbox to ask if there’s a coupon available or a sale that can be applied to their order.

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