money-smart kids


You’ve taught your child to save and share … but how about to spend smart?

Trae Bodge can help you tackle this important step in any money-smart journey! An accomplished lifestyle journalist and television commentator, Trae specializes in smart shopping, personal finance, parenting, and retail. She has appeared on television hundreds of times, including NBC Nightly News with Lester HoltInside Edition, and CNBC, and her writing and expert commentary have been featured in NewsweekWoman’s Day, and Forbes, among many others.

During our discussion, Trae and I run the gamut of smart shopping topics by chatting about introducing a child to a debit card, approaching the costs of kids’ eating out, encouraging thrift shopping, and alerting children to the dangers of frictionless purchases. We also take a notable side step into the allowance and chore debate (Yes, it still rages on!), and Trae offers a noteworthy alternative to the Share jar. All in all, our conversation underscores the importance of developing smart shopping habits as a prerequisite to becoming money-comfortable.

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