Happy June! It’s the first of that month, and that means it’s time for June Best Buys.

Here are the deals to look out for this month: ⁠

  • Fun in the sun – we should find deals on those summer essentials, like sunglasses, swimwear, SPF, and more. To note: these won’t be clearance-level deals. Those will come at the end of the summer.
  • Father’s Day – Father’s Day is June 19th, so leading up to the big day, we’ll see lots of Father’s Day-related sales.
  • Right around June 29/30th, we’ll start seeing early July 4th weekend sales. Get ready for discounts on big-ticket items, like mattresses and appliances.

What to avoid? I’d say electronics. Amazon Prime day – and comparable sales from Amazon’s competitors – is coming.

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