SALT LAKE CITY – Escaping the rising prices on nearly everything is becoming harder and harder for Utahns to do. Consider Tuesday’s report from the U.S. Labor Department showing inflation has reached a 40-year high.

But with the help of plug-ins for your internet browser, your computer can help you make sure you are paying the lowest price for nearly everything, saving you money without having to make drastic lifestyle changes.

Knowing you got a bargain is more important than ever with prices skyrocketing, says shopping expert Trae Bodge.

“I am seeing a lot of price hikes,” Bodge said of today’s shopping climate.

Price searching with browser extensions

When asked what tricks she has up her sleeve to help KSL viewers shop online, Bodge said the easiest is to use a browser extension.

“It’s free to do. It takes a couple seconds,” she said.

What is an extension, you ask? You have likely seen them while surfing the web. It’s that little puzzle piece icon in the browser’s upper right-hand corner. Basically, it is an add-on or plug-in that you can attach to your web browser.

“These are tools that essentially make your browser smarter,” Bodge explained.

Some extensions are programmed to scour the internet to make sure you are getting the best price.

“And then it does so much work for you in the background to help you save money, even when you don’t expect it,” said Bodge.

“I was stocking up on something I always get,” said Bodge. “I had my browser extension installed. I got a little alert that there was a 20% off deal. I saved 20% and I wasn’t even expecting to do so.”

Bodge said there is no harm in using any bona fide shopping extension, and in the process, bring what you pay down and bust inflation.

“To me, anything that’s automated that helps you save money, I am all in,” she said.

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