Although it’s never cheap to throw a party — especially with food inflation up 11.8% on groceries — this Super Bowl Sunday, consumers should capitalize on price declines, shop smart and use the below trends and tips to come up with a cost-saving game plan.

Food inflation hit consumers hard last football season, but heading into the big game there are signs of relief on popular game day grub.

Several fan favorites from chicken wings and avocados to sirloin steak are all less expensive than they were a year ago, a new report from Wells Fargo chief agricultural economist Michael Swanson, Ph.D., showed.

Trae Bodge, smart shopping expert, told “GMA” that shoppers with a wholesale club membership should utilize it. “It’s certainly a great opportunity to buy in bulk because you can save 30 to 40%,” Bodge said.

Swanson also shared additional tips for shoppers to keep costs low during the game.

Tips to save on your Super Bowl party menu

Don’t miss the dips. Along with avocados for guacamole, shoppers will have plenty of smart shopping options with other favorites like salsa and hummus, which remain relatively valuable options.

DIY veggie trays. Save on some carrots and celery by opting for the whole vegetable and slicing it yourself with per-unit prices lower than the pre-packaged or ready-to-eat options.

Bye bye beer. The typical drink of choice for football games has seen an 11% price increase from a year ago. But with wine and spirits up just 3% and 2% respectively, shoppers can save on alcohol with a batched cocktail like punch or sangria instead.

“Aluminum shortages are causing some price increases on canned items like beer,” Bodge explained. “I would recommend looking for a bottled option instead if you are experiencing that price increase in your specific area and that would apply for soda and pop as well.”