SAN ANTONIO — If you have Amazon Prime, it might be time to put your membership to work and use the one-day or same-day delivery options offered on some items. Otherwise, in-store shopping might be your best bet the closer Christmas gets. There are still plenty of bargains to buy.

Not exactly sure what to get? Gift cards are always a good fit.

“Everyone likes to shop and buying a gift card, say a Visa or Mastercard or from a beloved store like Target, something like that I think is really safe,” said Trae Bodge, the smart shopping expert of True Trae.

You can find discounted gift cards online at Gift Card Granny or Raise. A digital gift will also arrive instantly, if you need a really last-minute present.

“What’s also nice is you can’t lose a digital card,” Bodge said. “It stays in your email or text and then you can use it whenever you’re ready and not worry about misplacing it.”

Or gift Christmas cash. No need to run to the bank. PayPal or Venmo the money instantly. You can even add digital gift wrap to make it more merry.

“If you do this through Venmo, they have an exclusive partnership with Mariah Carey and there’s a Mariah Carey themed holiday gift wrap that you can take advantage of so the recipient will have a really festive moment when they receive the cash,” Bodge said.

That digital gift wrapping will not cost you any extra so sending a digital gift saves you both on shipping and wrapping.

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