Trae Bodge is a shopping expert with a passion for saving people money. As a regular contributor to national publications like CNBC and Inside Edition as well as monthly “Best Buy” segments on local stations in New York and Washington D.C., Trae lives and breathes finances and budgets.

So who better than Trae to discuss wedding purchasing decisions, wedding budgets, and having difficult conversations about money and finances?

Let’s face it, when planning a wedding, your budget can be blown before you know it. If you and your partner don’t have the same vision for how your money should be spent,  or if parents are chipping in and expecting some decision-making or veto powers, you could find yourself creeping into debt.

In this interview, Leah and Trae discuss:

  • How to have a conversation with your partner about finances,

  • How to avoid blowing your budget by pleasing and appeasing, and

  • Steps you can take to avoid debt while planning your wedding.

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