It’s Earth Day, a day to think about sustainable living and helping the planet.

There are many ways to save money as you lighten your carbon footprint: from water use to electricity, to shopping habits. The choices you make daily can have a big impact on our planet and your wallet.

“Taking shorter showers, running your dishwasher or your washing machine only when it’s full, keeping your windows or keeping your shades open in the winter, to allow the sun to come in to warm your home, getting a programmable thermostat,” said Trae Bodge, smart money expert.

These are all good ways to reduce your energy and water use.

Also, buy Energy Star appliances that save energy. You can also find ways to reuse rather than buy new.

“Look for eco-friendly programs like ink refill programs. Plastic waste is making its way into our waterways, start by eliminating plastic water bottles,” said Bodge. “This makes me crazy. I’ll be honest when I see lots of water bottles being used. Invest in good leak-free reusable water bottles and use the water at home. most cities and towns have perfectly clean water.”

And shopping second hand is also planet friendly.

“I love buying secondhand and giving secondhand. Secondhand is thankfully very hot right now and it’s fantastic for the environment to give things a second life whether it’s cool clothing or home decor, anything like that you can often find in a big Goodwill or Salvation Army. Reuse clothing, give it a second life and prevent it from going into a landfill,” said Bodge.


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