The latest consumer price index data is showing inflation cooling, down significantly from the 9% rate in mid-2022. But it may not feel that way when you’re buying groceries.

Ways to keep those prices down


For tips to battle bulging grocery prices, we turned to smart shopping expert Trae Bodge. She says first, be flexible with smart substitutions. For instance, make a change if an item on your shopping list isn’t on sale.

“You can maybe say, ‘Maybe I’ll use chicken in my chili instead of beef’ and save a lot that way,” she said.

She also says don’t be afraid to buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh, especially when they are less expensive. She recommends stocking up on nonperishables when they are on sale.

“When you do run out of your fresh foods,” she said, “then sometimes you turn to ordering in, and that becomes very expensive.”

Bodge also says if you’re buying the same things every week, see if there’s something you can make yourself, such as granola or hummus. Also, she suggests swapping expensive name brands for generic.

“There are so many great store brands or generic brands that often are made in the same factory,” she said. “They have exactly the same ingredients.”

Plus, more apps are making it easier to save on soon-to-be expired or surplus items. The app Flashfood offers savings of up to 50% on food nearing its expiration date.

Lastly, be sure to join your store’s loyalty program and do a mix of in-person and online shopping, where you can save extra money at store websites.

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