Employees used to be satisfied with a coffee maker and a fridge in the break room. These days, employees are given perks that were unthinkable only a handful of years ago. Not everyone can be Google with their nap pods and in-office massages, so on behalf of Gift Card Granny, I sat down with J.J. Ramberg on MSNBC’s Your Business to chat about employee perks that won’t bankrupt you.


Nap Pods – If you don’t have the space for a private napping room – and can’t wrap your head around your staff sleeping on the job – provide a comfortable place for people to lounge if they need a break from their desk. The inflatable Pouch Couch ($39.99 at Evine) is colorful and portable and it’s lightweight enough to be easily relocated around the premises.


In-Office Massages – Rather than paying a masseuse to provide massages in the office, make several massage pillows available for the staff to share. The M Cushion Shiatsu Pillows deliver a satisfying massage on demand and they come in a variety of colors to complement your decor. When a staff member needs a rubdown, they press the Power button and lean against the back of the pillow to receive a massage from four rotating heads. Press a second time for heat! The MSRP is $129.99 but I’ve seen them on sale for $64.99.


Catered Meals – You may not be able to foot the bill for a daily hot lunch, but unlimited snacks could be doable if you shop smart and don’t pay full price for all those microwave burritos and granola bars. Buy in bulk (and with ease) with an app like Boxed.com. You can order from the app quickly and easily and everything arrives in two days with no shipping fee on most purchases.


Pricey Offsites – Instead of organizing an elaborate offsite meeting for the day, why not coordinate with local charities and contribute to the community? Organize activities with a few charities so employees can choose something that suits their interests. This kind of group activity provides an opportunity for staff members to get to know each other better and to work with people they may not have a chance to at the office.