Time has just about run out, but you won’t overpay creating the perfect night for your Valentine’s Day.

“You can absolutely find good deals this close to Valentine’s Day,” professional shopper Trae Bodge said.

If you look hard in the right places, you can still find some deals. Let’s start online with sweets for your sweetheart.

For other traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, however, the deals are hard to find.

“Around Valentine’s Day, we do tend to see some price elevation particularly around restaurants, jewelry and flower merchants,” Bodge said.

The best bargains will be at your local drugstore, like Walgreens or CVS. We found people there snapping them up!

“Anything from perfumes to gift sets to toys for the kids; you can find for clearance prices,” Bodge said.

That’s because merchants don’t want those items on their shelves the day after Valentine’s Day.


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