Holiday Shopping Tips

It’s no longer just about Black Friday or Cyber Monday. From October all the way through the Christmas and Hanukkah holidays, consumers have endless opportunities to save on holiday gifts. So whether you like to hit the mall, shop online or a combination of the two, here are five ways to get the most out of your holiday shopping. Thank you to Jessica Abo and for sharing these tips!


  1. Make a List

Holiday shopping can be really overwhelming, especially during these busy sale days, like Black Friday or Super Saturday, so don’t keep your gift list in your head. It can lead to disorganized shopping and over/under buying. Instead, use a gift list app, like Gifted to keep track of recipients, their likes, dislikes & sizes, gift ideas and how much you’re spending.


  1. Game Plan

Historically, the deepest discounts during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday time period are on electronics, apparel and beauty items, so try focus on those three areas and tackle your other categories later. Don’t worry, there will be more sales!


  1. Sign up for store emails

Being in the know is essential. Sign up to receive emails from the stores you tend to frequent for advance details on sales and “members only” discounts. If you don’t want these emails clogging up your inbox, set up a separate email address just for deals. Also sign up for emails from, which posts up to the minute info about sales around the Black Friday timeframe as well as throughout the season.


  1. Discounted Gift Cards

If you have a general idea of where you plan to shop, Google “discounted gift cards for (name of store here)”. Look for offers from gift card merchants selling discounted digital/printable gift cards. Use one to make a purchase and you’ve just saved between 2-30% on average!


  1. Earn While You Shop

Just because you see a sale doesn’t mean you’ve found the lowest price. Visit to look for deals paired with cash back offers. Save a bundle by clicking on the offer to score a discount and cash back! During the holiday season, retailers tend to increase cash back offers so you can save even more!


Happy Holidays!!