apps that make life easier


Apps and websites suck up a lot of our time – Instagram, anyone? – but they can also help us be more efficient and save time and money!  Here are the 5 best apps and digital platforms that can help make our lives easier.


Paying People

Using a person-to-person payment platform, like Zelle, has been life changing in so many ways.  I can pay someone I know and trust instantly and not give it another thought – which means a lot to me! When my bestie buys my favorite snacks for me from Trader Joe’s, I can pay her for it with a couple clicks. Splitting checks at restaurants. Sharing the fees on a vacation rental. The list goes on. I have partnered with Zelle because it’s easy to use and it’s available through a majority of banks, so friends and family can quickly, easily and securely transfer funds in minutes! It’s becoming the way to pay! According to a recent study, the majority of consumers have used P2P payments in the past 30 days. Leading the pack are Millennials at 78% and Gen Z-ers at 77%. **Zelle is a paid partner

Keeping Tabs on the Littles

Do you have kids who are at an age where they can be out and about without an adult? When my daughter is out with her friends, I use a location sharing app, Life360, to check in periodically. The app allows me to see where she is, which helps me not to worry. Life360 allows you to receive alerts when they arrive at or leave designated locations – like home, school, friends’ houses – build private groups with friends and family, send messages and even see whose phone battery needs recharging.


Adopt with Ease

If you’re looking to add a fur baby to your family, it’s now easier than ever. On, potential adopters can gain access to a quarter of a million pets from 11,000 organizations around the country! You can search for animals by location, learning about their gender, size, breed, age, and bio. Pets can be saved to a “favorites” file and you can apply to adopt right on the platform. Once you are approved, you will be notified via Adopets and will then be contacted by the organization to move forward with the adoption.


Find a Job – with Ease

I love apps that make something that is usually difficult and stressful, SO much easier. For me, the CareerBuilder app does just that. Not only does this app helps you build and store your resume with just a few clicks, but it provides a localized job search based on your preferences. It can even use augmented reality to show you available jobs as you meander around town! And to help you move upward on your career path, the app can suggest jobs that are a step up but that provide minimal training. In terms of jobs that will see growth in the DC-area, CareerBuilder expects growth of 10% or more for software developers, electricians, nurses and personal care aids, among others, in the coming years.


Achieving Health Goals

As I get older, it’s harder than ever to keep my weight in check. I use the Lose It! app to keep track of my calories, exercise and weight loss goals. I find that it helps me form healthy habits while not limiting me from enjoying the foods I love. I use the free version which allows for basic calorie counting, but there’s also a Premium version ($40 per year), with enhanced features like water and macronutrient tracking, fitness device integration, analysis of your eating patterns and more.